A Custom Flag for Any Business

Many people don’t think they much about a custom flag.  Everyone usually assumes that their only use is for outdoor flag poles, which is a common misconception.  Custom flags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which allows for at least one style to work to use for your business, event, or even as a decoration piece.

Our standard 3×5 custom flags are typically used on flag poles outdoors or inside on walls, patio decks, porches, desks, doors, etc.  These are more common for residential use than by businesses.  Clients typically include students from universities, car clubs, alumni, school clubs, fan clubs, and etc.

For businesses, the most common custom flags include our feather banners, which are also referred to as feather flags.  These are windless style flags that stay open regardless of wind.  By far, our most popular style among all of our advertising flag styles.  Teardrop flags and rectangle flags would follow in popularity after our custom flags.

A swooper flag (aka flutter flag) is a variation of a standard feather banner that requires wind to stay open.  With wind they look great since the whole body of the flag banner moves, but without wind they look very messy since the flags collapse.  Regardless of this downside, this style still tends to be fairly popular with auto dealerships, and it remains a top of the list of sold items under our auto dealer supplies.  We are however phasing out this style due to its decreasing popularity.

Custom Flags Specifications

Our banner flags are made of a 110GSM polyester material.  For single-sided flags, this weight allows for a good bleed through to the backside and also produces vibrant colors.  The darker your colors are, the better your bleed through will be.  Darker colors include black, blue, yellow, red, green, and etc.  Learn more about single-sided vs double-sided custom flags.

Double-sided custom flags will have an overall weight of over 10oz.  We’ll print a front and back side of your flag, and then sew them together with a 100% vinyl block-out in the middle.  The weight of the finished flag will vary from 1lb to 3lbs, depending on the size and style you choose.   This flag style is the most popular style and also always recommended.

Single-sided custom flag
Why you should purchase custom double-sided feather banners.

The image above shows a single-sided reverse back feather banner flag.  If you pay close attention to the flag, you can see that the graphics are backwards.  This is because that is the back of a single-sided flag.  In that particular flag design, it doesn’t matter much that everything is mirrored — its main purchase is to lure you in with the picture.  If this was a flag with more text or an important slogan or date, then you’d want both sides to be easily readable.  For this reason, double-sided custom flags are always recommended.  You can target traffic from both sides and not have to worry about which way the wind is blowing during busy hours.

Feather Banners

Our custom feather flags are our most popular style under our advertising flags.  The feathered shape and variety of available sizes are what make this a favorite.   For indoor use, you can use our light weight 8ft feather flag kit, which only weighs about 5lbs with the flag pole and ground stake.  For outdoor business use (on sidewalks or parking lots), our 15ft feather banner flag kit is the best (8 to 10lbs).  Oh, yes, they do go bigger!  For outdoor festivals, sporting shows, concerts (Coachella, EDC, Burning Man, etc), and other large events, our 17ft feather flag kits will make your event’s sponsors, booths, or products stand out.

feather banners
Feather banners in front of Jack in the Box

Swooper Flag

Since we have phased out this style, I’m going to just show you an image of what this style looks like.  They look great when open, but very messy when there is no wind.  It is great for displaying your company logo, but not advised for images of products, text, or anything else that needs to be seen at all times.

Swooper Flags Auto Dealership
Swooper Flags Auto Dealership

A quick video showing how these flags will look on a windy day.  The flutter like regular outdoor flags, but without wind present, they will not great.  Play it safe and go with feather flags instead, unless you plan to go with solid colors only.  All of our stock 12ft feather banner flags are available in both styles.  If you prefer to have this style, let us know and we’ll ship those instead.


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