Custom Feather Flags Saved My Business!

A Review from One of Our Happy Customers about Their Custom Feather Flags!

We received an email this morning from a very happy customer. Thanks for sharing, Stacy, and the team at Feather Flag Nation is happy to help!

Dear Feather Flag Nation staff,

I ordered 2 stock feather flag kits and 1 custom double-sided banner from you earlier this year. At the time, my cakes and bakery business was struggling. The shop had been open for almost a year and a half but it was always hard to attract customers. My husband and I could hardly afford the rent to the shop! We desperately needed to boost sales and increase foot traffic to our bakery. We are located right by a very busy street and we wanted to maximize this. I found out about feather flags from my cousin, Tricia, whose husband runs an auto repair. He ordered swooper banner flags or feather flags from your company and said his sales increased. I saw the flags myself when I went to visit and I noticed the flags were made from high-quality material and seemed to stand very well in the outdoors. What great outdoor advertising for any business! But probably they need to be taken indoors in bad weather [Editor note: You are right, Stacy. Swooper flags should be taken indoors in severe weather conditions!]. Anyway, I saw these feather flags fluttering in the wind with their bright colors and I realized I needed some for my bakery!

I ordered the yellow bakery flag and the cupcake flags. I also bought a nicely discounted custom double-sided feather banner flag with my bakery’s name and logo. The staff at Feather Flag Nation was so helpful! Hi Pablo! Basically, your stock and custom feather flags saved my business. I recommend anyone looking for high-quality outdoor advertising and advertising feather flags to buy from your company. – Stacy

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.


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