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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Flags

Pink Feather Flags for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

From October 1st to October 31st, it is breast cancer awareness month. This is when charities greatly push for awareness of breast cancer to the public. Everyone shows their support by wearing ribbons, putting stickers on their cars, wearing specific clothing, and a variety of other things.  At Feather Flag Nation, we provide our clients with pink feather flags to show their support.

Cancer is an unpredictable and horrible disease. Though research has progressed a lot in the field of breast cancer, a lot more still needs to be done! Research and development take tons of money, therefore a lot of donations are required to keep the progress going forward. Every penny counts! Donate as much as you can.

CLICK HERE to learn more about breast cancer.

Don’t know which charity to donate to? CLICK HERE to find some top-rated breast program and research charities. You can also google “top breast cancer charities” to pull up some additional websites and their rankings.

Feather Flag Nation's Breast Cancer Awareness Month Flags

For the month of October, Feather Flag Nation will donate 5% of your orders total of solid colored feather flags and banner flags to our chosen charity.

When checking out, please be sure to use FFNDONATE as the coupon code if you would like us to donate.

The charity that we will donate to is The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Click on the foundation’s name to learn more about this charity. We donated to this charity after our last Cancer Awareness Month campaign. We’ve decided to stick with this charity for this year’s campaign.

Our pink feather flags are great to use at your business location or your home’s front lawn.

CLICK HERE or the image below to purchase your Breast Cancer Awareness Month Flags. We have a variety of other stock flutter flags that you can purchase to replace the pink flags after October. Replacement flags are only $14.99!

Other Options to Show Support During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you are having events during October and are looking to purchase some custom printed feather flags or banner flags, then you also have the option to put a pink ribbon, use pink colors, or display other settle messages on your custom flag’s design.  You can include a small image or some text at the bottom to display your support. We produce single-sided and double-sided custom banner flags, rectangle flags, teardrop flags, roll up banners, custom air-inflated dancers, and a variety of other trade show and event items.

Feather Flag Nation’s Custom Products Home Page – CLICK HERE

Let’s all get together and donate what we can! There are tons of charities doing a lot of good work. Let’s kick Cancer’s butt!


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