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7 Reasons to Purchase a Feather Flag

In combination with our other article 5 Reasons to Purchase an Air Powered Dancer; this article is about feather flags. Only one thing matters in business and thats getting the attention of your target market to turn potential customers into repeat customers.

Nothing else in business matters unless this 1st step is well thought out and executed effectively.

One of the most affordable ways to get the attention and convert the sale is to use feather flags and/or outdoor signage.

Below I will dive into 7 reasons you need a feather flag and why it matters for your business.


Size Matters! The height and/or lack thereof of size could cause your target market to walk right past your signage without ever taken notice.

The most popular feather flag size is the 15ft kit and/or 12ft flag (fabric). But it doesnt stop there, there are numerous different sizes included the 7ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 15ft, 16ft and 17ft kits. Each kit (pole, ground spike) is accompanied with a flag that is around <2ft less in height.

Although the bigger the better, some businesses may opt for smaller size due to county restrictions or the total of height of a given space.

For example, county restrictions is simple; some counties in the United States will only allow flags to go and/or not exceed 10ft. Therefore, be sure to check your local county listing for your district.

Secondly, the height of a given space can also play a factor into the flag size you choose. If you have a business with a ceiling of 12ft, then you must get a flag that is less than 12ft in total or your flag wont fit.


Some people say that feather flags are too expensive but, in my opinion, they are a much better option (price wise) than other forms of signage. Fox example, electronic signage could run your business into the tens of thousands of dollars. Websites, can range from a couple thousand to $100K+.

A feather flag is only $149, give or take. If you ask me, thats a much better, cheaper and affordable option than other forms of advertising.


The message your company chooses to adopt will affect your brand, your company and sales. For stock feather flags, the message is already written. Stock flags are good for sayings like Now Open, Sale, Pet Store.

But if you want to brand your company, and further extend your reach; its good to get a custom feather flag with a message you control.

For custom feather flags, be sure to use a Call to Action. Lastly, less is more – keep your message simple, short and to the point!


Branding is important in this day in age. The definition of a brand is how a person feels about your company, your products, employees and everything associated with ‘said brand. Although branding isnt something you could control directly, its something that you could influence and/or do your best to create a pre-defined outcome.

Custom feather flags are great branding on a budget. The colors you choose, the message and how your layout the custom flag will greatly alter the way in which people see your company.


One of the most astounding feather flag facts is that, they will last a very long time. Now ‘a long time is subjective and depends solely on the person but feather flags can last up to a year if their used everyday under most weather conditions. The durability alone, at $149/each is well worth the investment in long run.

Although there are things that you could do to increase the lifespan of your feather flags, more often than not; after a certain amount of time the flags will start a natural deterioration process.


A feather flag is versatile in many ways; it could be used indoors, outdoors, on a car, in snow, in sand or on the grass. A feather flag is made up of 3 separate but equal parts being: the flag, pole and mounting hardware.

The flag is just that, the flag and its respective fabric (i.e. 10ft, 14ft).

The poles slide into the flags sleeve and is locked into the place.

Lastly, the mounting hardware is where and how the flag can become versatile. The mounting hardware can include a ground spike, cross base, wall mount or any combination thereof. The pick the right mounting hardware, its best to know how youre going to use the flag and tailor your purchase to match.

Ease of Use

The last and 7th reason to get a custom feather flag is because its easy to use. The whole process takes about 15 minutes to setup and after that, youre pretty much done until its time to change flags.

One important caveat, if youre planning to use your flag in different locations (i.e indoors and outdoors) its best to get a travel bag to transport your flag without damage.

All things considered, the ease of use if pretty much the same as youll just exchange mounting hardware based on your location.

Send us your design and let our talented design pros create a beautiful customer feather flag for you. If your budget doesnt allow for a custom flag, dont worry. We have over 600 stock flags that meet all styles and budgets. Our promotional flags are created quickly with proofs available in hours and shipping within days. When you choose Feather Flag Nation, youre choosing to work with a company that takes pride in excellent work at value prices.

Contact us today at 1-877-900-5692 to learn more and begin your order.

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