How Your Auto Shop Business can Benefit from Feather Flags

How Your Auto Shop Business Can Benefit From Feather Flags

How Your Auto Shop Business can Benefit from Feather Flags

Does your auto shop business need some advertising help? Maybe you’re not getting as many walk-in customers as you’d like. There are tons of business opportunities for your auto shop, so make sure people know about it!

Feather Flag Nation has a wide variety of in-stock car shop flags to choose from. If we don’t have something in stock that you could use, you can also get a custom flag! Let’s talk about how our feather flags can benefit your auto shop business.

Our Variety of In-Stock Flags

At FFN, we have a variety of over 600 in-stock feather flags to choose from! We have flags ranging from “Open” to “Sale” to “Auto Repair.” With a range like that, we’re bound to have something your business can use!

These in-stock flags have our signature, distinct feather shape and are 12ft tall, standing at 15ft on their hardware. This means these marketing products are sure to stand out to traffic and anyone travelling by! 

These flags do only come as single-sided designs. The design will be visible from the backside, it will just be reversed and a little bit lighter. Single Sided Feather Flags

Our in-stock flags with their poles and ground spike start at $54.97 for the entire kit! This is great for those savvy business owners who maybe can’t afford to get a custom flag made. Advertise your repairs, tune ups, warranties, or even your used car selection if you have some.

Click here to check out our entire selection of in-stock flags!

Available for Auto Shops & Car Dealers!

Our in-stock auto flags range from repairs to used car deals. This means we have something for you whether your business sells, repairs, trades, or whatever else! 

Getting a Custom Flag

If our extensive in-stock feather flag collection still doesn’t have what you need, you can always do a custom flag! Custom feather flags come in a variety of sizes, including a 5ft flag/6ft kit, 6ft flag/8ft kit, 8ft flag/10ft kit, 10ft flag/12ft kit, 12ft flag/15ft kit, 14ft flag/16ft kit, and a 15ft flag/17ft kit.

This means you’re not limited to our in-stock size of the 12ft flag/15ft kit. Also, unlike our in-stock flags, our custom flags are available as double-sided flags, not just single-sided.

With our custom feather flags, you get to highlight your company advantages! You are no longer constrained to what’s already been printed and can instead advertise what makes your business stand out. This can really put you over the top and push you past your competitors. 

Our custom feather flags have no limits on design! You can add whatever text, colors, logos, images, etc that you need. Our talented design team will ensure that everything is good for production and help you finalize your design. Fill out our free design request today!

Excellent Marketing Products

With stock flags starting at less than $60 and custom flags having virtually no limits on design, feather flags make great marketing tools! They’re cheaper than billboards or other large signage, and they’re portable. You will have the ability to take the flags in from harsh weather, move them to different locations to keep it fresh, and won’t have to worry about them being taken down after a certain period of time.

Make sure your business is a success and let everyone know what it is you have to offer. Automotive feather flags are some of the most popular flags we sell. With the automotive business being one of the largest in the US, we wanted to make sure we had a variety of auto flags for you to choose from. 

Successful businesses know how to advertise and feather flags, whether in-stock or custom, are some of the cheapest and easiest advertising you will do. When times are tough, you don’t want to spend the money you do have on expensive advertising. Advertise every single day for less than $60 (with in-stock flags)!

Time to Start Advertising!

Now that we’ve discussed the different advantages of in-stock vs custom feather flags, it’s time to get yours! Shop our in-stock flags now by clicking here. Or, start your free design request here

No matter which you choose, you can rest easy knowing your auto shop is getting the advertising it deserves. Use these flags indoors or outdoors, depending on your location. These flags are portable and easy to move, giving you the advantage of switching up your advertising location!

Highlight the advantages of your automotive business with a variety of feather flags. Feather Flag Nation makes everything quick and easy for you by responding within the same business day to custom orders (as long as we’re in office) and by shipping out stock orders within 1 business day!

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