How Feather Flags Can Help Your Hair Salon Business

How Feather Flags Can Help Your Hair Salon Business

As the 2020 pandemic slowly rolls over, small businesses are starting to open back up. Although many of us lost a lot of time, money, and patience – we never lost hope! 

When you own your own business, it may be hard to advertise to attract new loyal customers. Marketing your business correctly can help increase your foot traffic by up to 20%! Our beauty salon and barbershop feather flags are designed to be eye-catching and attract more customers. Think about it, how many cars are passing your business everyday? And out of those cars, how many of them are stopping in to get their hair done?

This blog is designed to inform and help increase foot tracking to your business. 

What Is a Feather Flag?

A feather flag is a great marketing tool that companies can use to draw attention to their business.  Even though we all have social media, it can get really confusing really fast and ultimately result in a lost sale. Our affordable, high-quality feather flags are a great physical representation of your business. You can choose from our best quality ready-to-use salon flags or completely customizing your hair salon feather flag design. 

Want to learn more about feather flags? Click here to read more on “What is a Feather Flag?”

In- Stock Hair Salon & Barber Shop Feather Flags

Here at Feather Flag Nation, we offer a variety of outdoor feather flags. We have over 600 in-stock that are ready to ship within 1 business day. For our pre-designed hair salon flags, we have over 10 vibrant beauty salon feather flags. Since these are pre-designed, you can get them as single or double-sided designs. Our regular in-stock flags are only available as single-sided.

These flags stand at 12FT tall and have an overall height of 15FT once it’s on its mounting hardware. These flags are single-side, but you will still be able to read it from the back- it’s just a little lighter and reversed (think about writing on a piece of paper with a sharpie). 

The best part about these in-stock flags is they are all the same size. This means you can easily switch out flags without having to purchase more hardware. That kind of versatility helps keep your advertising fresh and keep people interested. And, if you choose to do a custom design, you can get our 12ft custom flag and still use the same hardware as our in-stock flags!

Why stop at only getting hair salon flags? We have a variety of feather style flags ranging from “Welcome” to “Open”. Sometimes a warm welcome is all someone needs to want to stop in!

Get the best bang for your buck by ordering your in-stock hair salon feather through our $49 Special page

Semi-Custom Stock Flags for Hair Salons & Barber Shops

We also have a variety of pre-designed semi-custom feather flags available! These flags come with brand new, bright, fun designs! As I said before, these flags are available as single or double-sided designs. To upgrade to double-sided is an additional $69.99.

These flags are the same size as our regular in-stock flags, so the hardware will still fit our regular stock flags. These pre-designed flags are new additions with brighter colors and designs, helping your hair salon business stand out even more.

Custom Feather Flags

If our in-stock feather flags just aren’t you’re jam, definitely look into CUSTOMIZING your feather flag. Getting your feather flag custom made can really make your business feel welcoming and personal. A custom feather flag for your beauty salon flags allows for so many design possibilities. They come in different sizes, ranging from as small as 5FT and as large as 15FT! You will not be limited to colors or text, you can add pretty much anything you want on it! 

What makes your hair salon different from others? Advertise what your hair salon offers! Maybe your beauty salon only offers haircuts, but you don’t like the feel of our in-stock hair cut flags because they feel too barbershop-esk? Or maybe your salon only does services on ethnic hair? These are both very specific and we may not have them in-stock.

Need our designers to get a feather flag design started? Click here to send us a design request!

Something that I love about our custom feather flags is that you can get them double-sided. Double-sided flags allow traffic coming from both directions to easily read. Whereas, our single-sided flags are only legible from one side. 

Want to design it yourself? Download our templates here.

Start Advertising for Your Hair Salon Business!

Now that we’ve discussed our variety of feather flags to choose from, it’s time to start shopping! Click here to check out our in-stock feather flag collection. Click here to submit a free design request for our custom feather flags. 

Stock orders ship within 1 business day and custom orders take 3 business days to produce once we have payment and approval. 

Have questions? Contact us!


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