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Outdoor advertising can be a very inexpensive and convenient way of advertising for many businesses, especially those selling consumer products. Using an Inflatable Tube Man (also known as sky dancers) with a custom-designed logo, images, and text are becoming one of the more popular advertising methods.

These Inflatable Tube Dancer Men are usually available in heights of 20ft so they are visible from a long distance and are an attractive advertising method, attracting the attention of people of all ages, especially children. Businesses who wish to purchase one or more inflatable sky puppets should compare different suppliers of these puppets.

Why Buy an Inflatable Tube Dancer from Feather Flag Nation?

Feather Flag Nation is a USA manufacturer of high-quality inflatable sky puppets based in Riverside, California, United States (USA). The company specialize0s in supplying highly customized inflatable dancers for their customers based on the customer’s requirement (with free design services).

By default, the same text is printed on the front and backside of the puppet, however, different text can be printed on each side on request. Text can be printed on the arms of the puppet also on request. The hairstyle of the puppet can be customized and images, especially those related to the products being sold, can be included in the design of the inflatable tube dancer.

One of the major advantages of purchasing the US-made puppets is that all the design is done in house by the California based manufacturer. Based on the customer requirement, they will incorporate text, images, colors, logo, color gradients, and other design features, working closely with the customers.

Since the sky puppet is mainly used for branding and marketing purposes, it is important that the puppet is colorful and well designed, so that all those who see the puppet will remember the brand and product being sold for a long time. As the designers have many years of experience working with businesses of all sizes, they can provide a very attractive design for the sky puppet. 

The business is so sure of the quality of the US-made tube dancers that it sells, that they offer a free repair service for a period of one year after purchase of the product*.

In case of any problem, the user only has to send a photo of the inflatable tube dancer to the company, and after confirmation, they can send the tube dancer to the address in Riverside in California to get it repaired. The inflatable dancer will be repaired within two or three business days and then be shipped back to the customer. Their aim is to promote their quality inflatable puppets as an effective advertising medium to a large number of businesses.

Not only do we sell customizable tube men, but we also sell the blowers to get them in the air. In case the customer already has an air blower for the puppet, he can place an order for the puppet without a blower, paying a lower price compared to the complete set. Many buyers require multiple puppets for advertising, and these additional puppets are available at half the price of a single puppet.

The text, images, and logo are printed on the inflatable tube dancer for a seamless effect, unlike other puppet suppliers who are stitching the text. The sky puppet dancer is made from extremely durable mesh polyester knit material which is specially designed for making inflatable toys and tube man dancers.

Don't Get Fooled Keep Your Eyes Open

There are many Chinese companies that are also supplying customized inflatable dancers for advertising, and these products are available for sale at third-party websites based in the USA (don’t get fooled keep your eyes open).

However, the customer has to supply the logo, text, images, and other information and pay for design services to the Chinese company that is making the puppet, so that the design can be incorporated into the puppet. So the business ordering from the Chinese supplier will have to separately arrange for a designer to separately make the design for the puppet.

Usually, the designers are charging based on the text, logo, images, so this adds to the cost of procuring puppets from China.

These inflatable tube dancers are made from Nylon material with PVC backing and are available in a variety of colors based on the requirement of the customer. These tube dancers are flexible, and when they are not inflated, they can be easily folded and carried to any place. A fan blower which complies with the relevant quality standards is supplied with each inflatable puppet. A single puppet or a set of three or more puppets have to be ordered at a time. A warranty of two years is offered for many of these Chinese products, however, details of how the company is offering customer support are not clear.

Being Cheap Could Cost You More

Though the prices of these tube dancers are lower, as the cost of manufacturing them in China is lower, there are some disadvantages of ordering from a Chinese company for a business based in the United States.

Many of these Chinese companies require at least 50% of the price of the puppets ordered to be paid in advance before they start processing the order. In case of urgent orders, 100 % advance payment is required. This can be inconvenient for the customer, as there is a risk that he or she will lose money if the order is not delivered, or the design or quality of the product delivered is not satisfactory.

It is also more difficult to initiate any legal action against the Chinese company in case of any dispute at a later date.

Being Cheap Could Cost You More

talk is cheap

The Chinese companies are taking 6 to 15 days to manufacture the inflatable dancers as the design has to be supplied by the customer separately and then printed on the puppets. In contrast, Feather Flag Nation is able to supply the puppets within only three business days of placing the order, as they design the puppet free of cost.

The time and money required for shipping the puppets to business in the USA are also higher for the Chinese companies compared to that for the supplier based in California. It is also easier to get a refund from the Riverside supplier. In case of any damage, the Chinese puppets will have to be discarded, while the USA made puppets can usually be repaired for free and used again. So after considering all expenses, quality, and design, the USA made inflatable dancing puppets are inexpensive compared to similar puppets, made in China.

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