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 Tips on How To Launch Your New Barber Shop Business

The days of slapping a barber pole and a small sign outside your barber shop are long gone.  With more intricate hair, beard, and mustache designs – people have begun looking for skilled barbers who can cater to their needs. 

Okay, so you have the first part down of being a barber (hopefully), which is the skill set and creativity to make anyone look, as the millennials say, “FRESH!” Oh, and if you need a professional beard grooming kit <–be sure to check out my favorite pick on Amazon.   The price point and tools provided with this beard kit will be perfect for anyone that is looking to groom their beard to perfection.  Before I go off tangent and start saying how good that product is, lets move on to the point I was trying to make.  Okay, so you have the skills – now how do you let the world know?

#1 – Make Your Barber Shop Look Alive

First, lets not make your business look dead.  Of a budget?  Purchase a barber shop feather flag kit to display outside your store front.  Let people passing by know you are open.  Next, go to Amazon and search for some low-cost posters.  One that displays different hairstyles would be best – BUT make sure you can achieve these to perfection. As time goes on, take pictures of your work and print your work to display to the world – having a Facebook and Instagram page is a must!  Be sure to take display your work to the world.  Youll be surprised how much business you get from word of mouth.

Figure out the theme you are going for – if you are going for hipster, get some low-cost hipster decorations.  Going for an old-school gentlemens look, then get some vintage barbershop theme posters.  When someone walks into your barbershop, make it appear as if they have stepped into another world.  Check out The Mens Club Barbershop in Moreno Valley, CA.  You can see a clear theme which makes you feel like you are getting your haircut professionally done.

Beard Grooming Kit Barber Shop
A simple barber theme that looks inviting and unique.


#2 – Non-Aggressively Push for Reviews

So, you got all the decorations and you are ready for business – now we have another problem.  You have NO social proof.  This is a slow process but one you should focus on a lot.  If you do top quality work, you will naturally get reviews over time but there will be a lot of happy people that do not leave reviews.  If is your job to persuade them without being pushy to leave you a review.  Give them a free beard clean-up or something else of value to show your appreciation for a review. 

Most people that leave reviews tend to be unhappy and want to vent to the world.  If you arent pushing for positive reviews, then these people will take over your social media image.  You cant make everyone happy, so negatives reviews will come.  Remember – every 1 negative review requires 10+ positive reviews to balance.  Have a good strategy for reviews!


#3 – Constantly Maintain Your Business

Keep your business maintained.  No matter if its trimmers, scissors, chairs, faucets, etc.  Your clients want to trust you with their hair and health.  Nothing scares me more than walking into a barber shop and seeing everything run down.  That makes me question many things – are your tools properly disinfected, will my neck get nasty germs or mold from laying down on your hair washing sink, will other customers germs end up in my hair, and etc.  Make your clients comfortable and feel pampered – so keep everything clean and visually pleasing.


Too Long Didnt Read Summary

  1. Have signage outside your shop – including feather flags, posters, yard signs, and more.
  2. Decorate to a theme and stick with it. Your theme is your image which is your brand.
  3. Display your work on social media.
  4. Push for reviews but dont be aggressive.
  5. Maintain your shop.




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