Flags for Business Advertising

Custom Flags for Business Advertising

Advertising is a must for any business looking to make it in today’s super competitive market. Yes, you can place ads online. Yes, you can take out ads in papers. But how do you draw in foot traffic to your shop’s location? It’s important for every business to spark some interest in potential customers just walking or driving by.

The answer is flags for business advertising. These flags can be bought with pre-printed designs or customized with logo/text/color/images of your choice and single or double-sided. Whether stock feather flag or custom flag, these flags for business advertising can highlight the type of products or service your business offers and can help you stand out from other retailers.

Feather Flag Nation provides high-quality feather flags, rectangle flags, teardrop flags, and feather blade flags. Swooper flags can draw attention from far and wide because of the height of the flag (largest size is 15ft overall height (15ft pole kit, 12ft flag) and colors. Flags for business advertising can boost sales and recognition of your store! Place a feather flag in front of your retail location or place the flag in high traffic areas near the store.

Business Advertising Flags at FeatherFlagNation.com. Order yours today!

Flags for business advertising from Feather Flag Nation are made out of a durable polyester material that can be used indoors or outdoors. The material can withstand outdoor elements such as sun, light rain, and wind, though it is recommended to keep them inside in severe weather conditions such as hurricanes and storms.

Wear and tear are inevitable, especially with flags used for outdoor advertising. The average life span of feather flags is a year, though we had customers’ flags last several years before needing to reorder from us!

Consider ordering custom flags for your business today! Custom flags can really distinguish your business from others! Design your flag by downloading a template or contact the team at Feather Flag Nation and they can create simple attractive designs for you!

We take great pride in our products. Our custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.


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