How to Use Feather Flags to Promote Your Restaurant

How to Use Feather Flags to Promote Your Restaurant

How to Use Feather Flags to Promote Your Restaurant

The restaurant business is the toughest business to get ahead in. In 2018 alone, there were 13,251 new restaurants in the USA. That’s a ton of new competition you have to keep in mind! When you’re in the restaurant industry, it’s important to make sure you have a marketing strategy that’ll help your business thrive. 

Does your restaurant have a fun theme? Maybe you have special events or promotions that you do depending on the day. These are great ways to help your restaurant stand apart from the others and is what you should consider when thinking of outdoor signs.

At Feather Flag Nation, we have a variety of in-stock feather flags and offer custom feather flag printing. With these outdoor advertising tools, you can increase foot traffic, which will ultimately increase sales!

What Makes Your Restaurant Stand Out?

When thinking of advertising for restaurants, it’s important to consider what it is that makes your restaurant stand out in the first place. This could be a range of things such as a certain dish you offer, the style of food you serve, the theme of your restaurant, your location, etc. Think about why you started this business and why people should choose you over the competition.

When thinking about advertising, it’s also important to think about your customer base. Who is your prime audience? Are you a family restaurant or are you more high end and fancy? You want to make sure you’re advertising to a target audience. This will help you decide on what to have on your outdoor signage, and even how you’d want the sign to look.

Higher-end restaurants tend to keep their advertising clean and easy to understand. This flag showcases one of its signature steak dinners with just the restaurant name. This flag matches the overall aesthetic of the restaurant and conveys that it is a higher-end restaurant you wouldn’t go to for a casual meal.

Fancy vs Family Restaurant - Flemings
Fancy vs Family Restaurant - Cracker Barrel

Family restaurants tend to put more on their flag to advertise their business. Many times, they will include the company name or logo, an image of their food, and a special they are running at the time. In this example, they are advertising a family night special that occurs every Friday at 5pm. This design is not as simple and clean as the one above it, but that’s okay because it’s meant to attract families!

So, consider how you want to represent your restaurant. You can keep things simple and sophisticated as our Flemings example shows, or you can make things a little more fun and advertise special promotions like our Cracker Barrel example shows.

Designing a Custom Feather Flag

Having outdoor feather flags can help increase foot traffic to your restaurant. At FFN, we offer customized feather flags that can have whatever colors, text, logos, etc that you need! We don’t charge per letter/color/design like our competitors, so you know you’ll be able to design something you’ll love without having to pay any hidden fees.

The point of an outdoor advertising flag is creating brand awareness and drawing people into your restaurant. Since we have very few restrictions on what could be the actual design, it’s important to consider what is the most important information for your flag to have. You’ll want to showcase the things that help you stand apart, so take some time to really think about your restaurant before designing your flag.

Make sure to use bright colors and easy to read text. The more text your flag has, the harder it’ll be to read when someone drives by. You want to convey an easy message to your customer base that’ll draw them into your restaurant. 

What Works
What Works - Pizza
What Works - Mike's Pizza Cafe - pizza pasta wine
What Works - Mike's Pizza Cafe

These flags use good colors, bold, easy to read text, and relevant images. The “PIZZA” flag uses the Italian flag as the background and keeps the message simple with easy to read text saying “PIZZA.” The “Mike’s Pizza Cafe Pizza / Pasta / Wine” flag uses bold colors and while there is more text, it’s still short and concise. The “Mike’s Pizza Cafe” flag uses a fun background image of pepperoni pizza and keeps the text simple with “Mike’s Pizza Cafe” taking the length of the flag.

All of these flags have similar elements that make them work. They keep the text short and sweet, use a font that’s bold and easy to read from afar and keep the colors/images relevant. Flags like these are great examples of effective restaurant custom feather flags.

What Doesn't Work
What Doesn't Work - Mike's Pizza Cafe
What Doesn't Work - Pizza Wine Pasta

Here are some examples of designs that do not work. The “Mike’s Pizza Cafe” flag has a busy, irrelevant background that makes the text hard to read. The font is also a script font that can be hard to read when driving by. The “PIZZA / WINE / PASTA” flag uses a relevant image, but there is lots of text which can be difficult to read and the text is dark like the background. The “WELCOME” flag does use bright background colors, but there is again so much text, it may be difficult to read when driving by.

What Doesn't Work - Welcome Pizza Wine Pasta

It’s just as important to know what doesn’t work as it is to know what does work. The above examples have the potential to be a good design, just with a little tweaking. Your designer can help make adjustments to your flag to make sure you’re utilizing the space and get the most out of your custom flag.

Our Variety of Stock Flags

If a custom flag isn’t in your budget or you feel like your restaurant doesn’t need something customized, you can check out our variety of in-stock feather flags! Our in-stock feather flags ship out within 1 business day and you can get the flag, poles, and ground spike for under $60.

We have over 600 in-stock flags to choose from. We have categories specific for Restaurants/Food and even for regular Open signs in case you just want to let people know you’re open and ready for business. Our in-stock flags are 12′ tall, standing at 15′ on their hardware, and could be the little push your restaurant needs to help with slow foot traffic.

Not every business needs or can afford a custom flag, and that’s okay! Just because a custom flag isn’t in the budget, doesn’t mean you should do no advertising at all. Click here to check out all the categories for our in-stock feather flags and see if there is something that could benefit you!

Let's Get Started!

Now that you have a better idea of outdoor advertising for restaurants, it’s time to start shopping! You can start out with an in-stock flag or get something completely customized for your business. At FFN, we pride ourselves on helping small businesses as that’s what we are. Send in a free design request today and get in contact with one of our talented designers!

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