How Feather Flags Help Support Real Estate Agents

How Feather Flags Help Support Real Estate Agents

How Feather Flags Help Support Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you may be traveling to different locations, putting up those small signs out front to let people know you’re there and ready for an open house. Maybe your main office has model homes people can come see. No matter what, the important thing to keep in mind is you need to be seen. A small sign near the mailbox of a home may not be enough to catch peoples’ attention as they drive by, but a feather flag would!

At Feather Flag Nation, we keep real estate agents in mind, selling a variety of in-stock feather flags specific to your market! We even sell complete kits with an easy-to-carry travel bag that makes moving from location to location hassle-free. If an in-stock flag doesn’t do it for you, a custom flag just might! We also offer completely customizable feather flags with no color/text/logo/etc restrictions.

Perfect Real Estate Agent Tools

As a real estate agent, it’s important to make sure your clients can easily find you and your location. Most real estate agents have small yard signs that they use to dictate houses for sale or when they’re doing open houses. These signs, while convenient to carry, struggle to get the same attention that a feather flag would.

Small Real Estate Signs

Yard signs like the above can be small and hard to see from afar. If you’re holding an open house, or just want to advertise a house for sale with your number, a sign of this size may not benefit you. Signs like these are common and most people don’t look twice when passing by them, not something you want to happen to you!

Big Real Estate Signs

Feather flags like the above are big and easy to see. You can see next to the red “Open House” flag how small and easy to miss the yard sign is. The feather flag can hold the same information, but make it bigger and easier to understand for those driving by. Outdoor real estate flags like these will benefit your business much better than the yard signs.

The housing market is difficult and most real estate agents work off of commission, making it crucial to be able to properly advertise themselves. Don’t let yourself fall behind because you aren’t using the right kind of signage. 

In-Stock Feather Flag Options

At FFN, we have over 600 in-stock feather flags to choose from! You can get them with the poles and ground spike for under $60! We also have a travel bag that fits our ground spike or cross base, pole kit, and up to 2 feather flags. This is key for the traveling real estate agent as this makes carrying your flags from location to location quick and easy, with no risk of losing pieces or taking up space in your car.

Our stock feather flag designs use bright colors and bold, easy to read text. We have two different size options for our in-stock feather flags: 12ft flag/15ft kit and 6ft flag/8ft kit. The 6ft flag size is the most commonly used size for most real estate agents, so we have the biggest variety of real estate flags in that size.

One of the advantages to having an in-stock flag is being able to easily switch out the flag you’re using. As long as you order the same size, you will be able to use different flags on the same hardware! This will save you money in the long run as you won’t have to purchase brand new hardware with every flag. A simple open house feather flag can help catch the attention of people driving by and they’ll be able to easily tell that there is someone available to help them as needed.

Custom Real Estate Feather Flags

If we don’t have something in-stock you want to use, or if you want something a little more personalized, a custom feather flag can benefit you! Our custom flags come in a variety of sizes including 5ft flag/6ft kit, 6ft flag/8ft kit, 8ft flag/10ft kit, 10ft flag/12ft kit, 12ft flag/15ft kit, 14ft flag/16ft kit, 15ft flag/17ft kit.

If you order our 6ft or 12ft flag, since they are the same size as our in-stock flags, you can easily switch out a stock flag for a custom flag. This can help save costs on brand new hardware. But, if you’re trying to stand out, a different size feather flag will do just that!

Custom feather flags are a great real estate agent tool as they can be made to have whatever colors/text/logos/etc that you prefer. This means you can put your name, company, and even phone number on the flag! This is great for real estate agents that travel and want to make sure people know who they are at a specific location. 

Since we don’t have many restrictions on what you can put on your flag, it leaves you room to get creative and really design a custom flag that’ll grab peoples’ attention. If you’d like to design your own flag, you can do so by clicking here and downloading one of our templates. If you want one of our talented designers to do it for you, click here to fill out the free design request!

Shop Now! In-Stock & Custom Feather Flags

Shop 12ft In-Stock

Shop 6ft In-Stock

Now that we’ve gone through the differences between in-stock and custom flags, it’s time to start shopping! Click the above image if you’d like to shop the in-stock 12ft or 6ft real estate feather flags. If you’d rather have a custom flag made, CLICK HERE to start your free design request. 

Feather flags are a great real estate agent tool. They’re more effective than the standard yard signs more real estate agents use. An 8-15ft tall flag is hard to miss! With the travel bag, you’ll be able to transport your flags with ease. 

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