Fiberglass Pole Kit Assembly Instructions for Feather Flags and Banner Flags

Setting up one of Feather Flag Nations high quality flag and pole kits is very easy to do. We do get an occasional call or email asking about assembly instructions, but customers manage well on their own. Feather Flag Nation pole kits are meant to be simple to put up. All the better to get your feather banner flag ready to go. Assembly requires no extra tools!
These instructions are for the fiber glass tip poles which come with the travel package ($14.99 upgrade). This pole differs from the standard aluminum because it is straight and can be bent, whereas the aluminum tip is pre-bent.
(see photo)

Best fiberglass pole kit

A kit comes with 6 pieces:
1. Ground Spike
2. Bottom pole pc
3. Secondary pole pc
4. Pole pc w/ black
5. Flexible carbon tip
6. Your flag

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a) Put the ground spike into a grass or dirt area. Hammer or twist until it is stable. Be sure to clear ground of any pipes or other objects before starting.
b) Telescope poles #2 and #3 together with dimples on top
c) Telescope #4 onto the top of pole #3 that was telescoped in the last step
d) Telescope remaining flexible tip onto the top of the 3 telescoped poles
e) Slide flag onto the pole kit starting from the fiberglass flexible tip. Tie rope at bottom of flag to the black clip on the bottom pole piece.

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