How to Properly Design Custom Single-sided Reverse-back Feather Flags or Banner Flags

How to Properly Design Custom Single-Sided Feather Flags

Today we will discuss how to properly do design layouts for custom single-sided reverse back feather flags.

Figure 1
Template for 15ft custom feather banner flag

To the left, you will find a jpeg of a template for a 12ft custom feather flag.  This banner style 12ft feather flag is made for our 15ft pole kits, therefore it is referred to as the 12ft custom feather flag, 15ft kit.

In figure 1, the red line is the bleed space. Any text or images outside of the bleed line may be clipped. Any important text or images must remain inside the red lines. Once the feather flag is printed, cut, and hemmed, it will reduce down in size to the red borderline.

Designing Your Custom Feather Flags

When designing custom feather flags, it is important to keep text to a minimum. Using too much text will result in reduced visibility and will make outdoor advertising with the custom banner flag very inefficient.

In figure 2, you will see an image of a text filled swooper flag and a correctly designed flag. On the custom feather flag design to the left, there is too much text and some of the text is going outside the bleed space.

“Everyone Welcome” and “Everything” will be clipped since it is outside the bleed line. Think of the bleed line as a safety line, anything outside the line will be lost. The flag design on the right is properly designed.

All text is large and easy to read and there is some pop of color.  For custom feather flags, it is important to always use your business name. Not only will it give a hint as to what you sell, but it will also properly market your brand. The feather flag design on the right is great for outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising feather flags should always have large text so potential customers can easily read your advertisement while driving at 50+ miles per hour. The smaller the text on the swooper flag, the harder it will be for customers to read your message.

Figure 2
Good and bad custom feather banner flag layouts

We will continue to add more posts on how to properly design custom feather flags. As a summary, when planning your custom flutter flag design layout, you should always try to keep it simple, include your business logo, and pick bright colors that are eye-catching and easy to read.

Keep the designs simple for outdoor advertising flags is key. When you are designing feather flags for trade shows and other indoor and outdoor events, then getting more creative with live images, lots of colors, and fancy layouts is recommended, we will cover this in another blog. We will also post another blog in the future on how to properly design custom double-sided feather flags.

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