feather banners for outdoor advertising

Feather Banners for Outdoor Advertising

Feather Banners for Outdoor Advertising

Do you own a business? Have you been wanting to increase your advertising but not really sure how? Feather Flag Nation has in-stock and custom flags for you to choose from! These flags are made from high-quality polyester and are great for indoor or outdoor advertising.

And don’t worry, we don’t only sell feather flags. We also have a variety of other outdoor signage to choose from, including inflatable tube men, yard signs, 3×5 flags, and more!

Feather Banners

Let’s start off with our main attraction Feather Banners! Each Feather Flag has great portability and versatility. Our Feather Flag Pole Kits are lightweight and easily telescope into each other.

We have a selection of over 600 in-stock feather flags to choose from! On top of that, we offer custom feather banners in seven different sizes. These flags can all be made as single or double-sided prints and completely customized to your needs.

You can order your feather banners with different hardware options.

Different Hardware Options:

  • Ground Spike: Our most popular form of mounting hardware. This ground spike can be easily pushed into grass or dirt and is most commonly used for outdoor assemblies.
  • Cross-Base: Our cross base is our second most popular form of mounting hardware. This base can be used on any flat surface, meaning it can be used indoors or outdoors. 
  • Heavy Duty Flat-Base: Similar to our cross base, this flat base is also great for indoor or outdoor use. It weighs a sturdy 16lbs and can even be easily hidden under tables if you’re using your flags at a convention center.
  • Car Wheel Base: This mounting hardware option is popular among car dealerships. This base fits around any standard car wheel and is great for outdoor events, car lots, and even food trucks.

Rectangle Flags

If you’re looking for a style other than our feather flags, but you still want something tall and easy to see, then I would recommend our rectangle flags.

Like our feather flags, we have a selection of in-stock rectangle flags to choose from, along with the option to do custom rectangle flags. 

Our custom rectangle flags come in four different sizes and can also be made as single or double-sided prints. All of the flags are  3ft wide and with the squared-off top, this means you have more room for your message than if you were to do a feather flag. Our rectangle flags are popular among car dealerships and are great for indoor or outdoor use!

Order Your Custom Flags Today!

We take great pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.


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