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Your Custom Feather Flag Banner Check List

A lot of places will promise you high-quality items to get you to place the order, but once you receive your custom feather flags, the flutter flag colors will be off or too light. Additionally, you’ll notice the hardware being very flimsy and cheap. The majority of these flags and their hardware will break within a couple of months.

Customer service will be non-existent from these types of companies. Many online stores say their products are made in the USA. In reality, they are getting low-quality swooper flags from China and then forwarding those items to you from their location.

At Feather Flag Nation, we print and craft our custom single-sided and double-sided banner flags in-house. Even our hardware is manufactured in-house for a lot of our custom flags and banners. When we say your product is made in the USA, it actually is made here!

With Feather Flag Nation, you can rest assured that you will get high-quality U.S. made custom feather flags, teardrop flags, rectangle flags, or any other custom work that we do. We will not outsource our work to China. We believe in stimulating the American economy.

Double-Sided Flag Banner Check List

1. When purchasing a double-sided feather or banner flag, always be sure that the 5 items on the banner check list in figure 1 (above) are provided. All double-sided flags should have a 100% block-out in the middle.

These flutter flags are for outdoor advertising, if there is no block-out in the middle of these flags, then art and color from one side of the flag will bleed to the other. Not only will your message on the banner flag be almost impossible to read, but it will also make the flags useless. Why purchase advertising flags for your business, if they serve no purpose? 100% block-out is a must!

2. With our patented design, your feather flag will always be open to display your message. All advertising flags should be open at all times, otherwise outdoor advertising is useless. Why have flags up when they are closed and don’t display your message? Refer to figure 2 (below). The advertising flag on the left is a windless design. It will always be open. The flag on the right is a typical swooper banner flag which will close up if there is no wind.

3.  You should have rich and vibrant colors. If you are using rich and dark colors, the back of your flag should have a good bleed through. The back of your custom feather flags should not be white!

The dye-sublimation printing process is not good for custom single-sided banner style flags. This process does not produce good bleed-through. Feather Flag Nation’s commercial print process involved printing directly to the fabric which creates great bleed-through through the flag.

4. With graphics or solid colors, you should have very minimal ink bleeding onto your flag design. Some printing processes will leave stains of ink bleeding down the flag. This will make it look like your flag was hit by water prior to drying.

Custom feather flags, may they be single-sided or double-sided, should never have this issue. Minimal bleed is typical due to the polyester material.

5.  Stay away from custom feather banner flags that use the same polyester flag material for their sleeves. The polyester flag material is strong as the body of the flag but the sleeve that the 4pc aluminum pole kit goes into must be a stronger material. Since these flags are typically used for outdoor advertising, the winds will cause extra strain on the flag which will cause damage to the body of the flag.

Feather Flag Nation uses a separate sturdier material for the flutter swooper flags sleeves. Our sleeves will resist strong winds and harsh weather conditions.  If you forget to take your flag in during severe weather and your sleeve rips, it typically does not damage your feather flag’s body, therefore we can repair it for you.

I hope this double-sided feather banner check list was helpful! Have additional questions? Contact us!


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