High Quality and Affordable Solid Color Swooper Feather Flags prides itself on its large collection of pre-designed/stock feather flags. But plain or solid-colored swooper banner flags are also available in many different colors and are very popular! Sometimes the loudest message can be being without one, so get these flags! Solid color flags are excellent for creating visual interest in any location.

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These flutter flags are often used during athletic events: races, triathlons, marathons, etc. These solid color flags can also be used as location markers for outdoor events like music festivals or county fairs or farmer’s markets or art walks. Mark off designated locations such as food stalls and shop booths with these flags! These solid colored feather banner flags are 12 feet tall on their own. With the additional purchase of a flag kit, the flags stand at 15 feet tall! offers high quality and affordable flags. These flags are made out of a polyester material that is durable in the outdoors.

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