3x5 Custom Flag Finishing Options

How to Design a 3×5 Custom Flag With Your Logo

How to Design a 3x5 Custom Flag With Your Logo

I’ll go through a brief explanation of how to do a basic 3×5 custom flag design.  I’ll give you the optimal ways to design a 3×5 custom flag with your logo.  When branding your business, it is important to have a flag that looks professional and is clearly visible.

3x5 Custom Flag Template

Before beginning the designing process of a 3×5 custom flag, let’s quickly go over the 3×5 flag template. Figure 1 shows a template with a 2 grommet finish. The area in red is your design real estate. Anything outside of that red line may or may not be clipped. Keeping all important text or images away from the red line is important.

If you are doing the layout, please be sure to remove the red bleed line after your design is complete. If flattened images are provided, we will not be able to remove the red line, if it overlaps onto images or text.

You will need adobe illustrator or photoshop to properly do a layout. Keep your design file in CMYK color mode and try to use Pantone color codes.

Putting your Logo on a 3x5 Custom Flag

I’ll be going over a basic 3×5 flag layout with a logo only.  In the future, I will create a blog post on how to do a more complex design with live images, text, and a logo.

Figure 2 below shows several bad layouts. Let’s go over the bad and then we’ll discuss the good layout.

Layout number 1 doesn’t use the design space properly. On a 3×5 flag, you want your logo centered as much as possible. Using only a portion of the design space will make the flag look odd when it is waving in the wind or if it is partially closed.

Layout number 2 uses too much of the design space. Your logo is going too far to the edge of the flag, making it visually unappealing. Always leave some empty space around your logo. Sometimes, less is more. There is nothing wrong with having empty space.

Layout number 3 has the logo at a tilt. This may work fine for some events, but in general, it is not a good way to display your logo. If you ever decide to use your flag as a draped flag, your logo will be displayed awkwardly. You’ll essentially be stuck using this design on a flag pole or on a wall.

Layout number 4 is one of the biggest mistakes that clients make. NEVER stretch your logo un-proportionally. This is the biggest tip I can provide you when you design a 3×5 custom flag with your logo. It looks extremely unprofessional and it also usually kills the logo visually. The smaller text becomes hard to read and the larger images just look awful. Always stretch your logo evenly. If you are using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, hold down SHIFT and then stretch the logo. It’ll expand it proportionally.

Now let’s briefly discuss why the best layout is the most optimal layout. First, it uses the design space evenly. Just compare that design layout with the other 4.

Which would you buy? The logo is neatly stretched to use most of the design space but not overdo it. Visually, it looks good to your eyes. The design simply just doesn’t look out of place as all of the others. When designing a 3×5 custom flag with your business’ logo, always center your logo and leave at least a couple of inches all around from the bleed line.

Finishing Options for a 3x5 Custom Flag

There are a few different finishing options that Feather Flag Nation provides for their 3×5 custom flags.  They are shown in figure 3 below.

Custom Flag Finish with Grommets

Finishing a 3×5 flag with grommets is the most popular option. Grommets are placed on the left side of the artwork and allow you to use the flag on a flag pole with a rope. You can also zip-tie it to other poles if it allows.

Grommets also allow you to use this custom flag as a draped flag. Grommets can be tied with a rope, nailed, or stapled to various objects to allow it to drape. A draping setup is popular for many indoor shows and businesses (auto dealerships in particular).

2'' Pole Pocket Finish for a Custom Flag

This finish has a 2” sleeve on the left side of the flag and a string hemmed under it. This lets you slide the flag onto a 1.5” or smaller flag pole and tie it down to an existing clip. This setup is great for events where you hold your flags and move around with them. It is also great for existing flags that require this setup for mounting (i.e – apartment complex flags).

When selecting this 2” pole pocket finish, be sure your pole will fit inside the sleeve. The sleeve’s width is 2”, which means the pole must be 1.5” or smaller.

Hem-Only Finish - Available for All Custom Flags

The hem only finish is available for almost all of our shapes and sizes of custom flags. This finish simply is the hemming of the flag all around – no grommets, sleeves, other materials. This is great if you plan to mount your flag inside a frame, on a wall with staples/thumbtacks, or other locations that simply do not require grommets. This finish is typically recommended for indoor wall mounting.

Some quick links for you to browse through your options:

Contact number:  877-900-5692 , email:  sales@featherflagnation.com

Don’t you want to design yourself?  Submit a Design Request. We provide free proofs before you buy it.

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