How to Design a Custom Inflatable Tube Man Air Powered Dancer

How to Design a Custom Inflatable Tube Man Air Powered Dancer

custom inflatable tube man is not a cheap investment, so it’s important to make sure you get a return on your investment. In this article, I will go over the best ways to design a custom inflatable tube man air dancer.  Your sky dancer design layout will play a big role in increasing sales for your small business.

Custom Inflatable Tube Man Dancer Template

First, let’s look over what you can customize on a custom inflatable tube man.  Figure one below shows our tube man template.  You can customize the color of the puppet’s hair, arms, and body. Additionally, you can also add text to each arm and the area of the body under the arms.

To keep things simple, I will show you how to properly design a custom puppet with solid colors and text. I’ll cover how to design a full-color air powered dancer (with live graphics) in another blog.

Step 1:  Choose Your Colors

The first step in designing a custom inflatable tube man is to pick the colors. You can either choose your whole dancer to be the same color or vary the colors of the body, hair, and arms.  In figure 2, the left is a solid yellow design, it’s good but lacks contrast. The tube dancer design on the right has red hair and arms. Choosing different colors for the parts of the tube man is recommended, this captures the attention of anyone passing by more easily.

For our custom air-powered dancers, you can choose any colors you like for the hair, arms, or body. Additionally, you can also use live images on the body or arms of the puppet.

Step 2: Choosing Your Puppet's Text and Font Style

Choosing what text is best for your business

Next, you will need to choose what text you want on your custom inflatable tube man. We will give an example of an oil change business. Most oil change locations bring in customers by advertising their speedy service. So, let’s put something on the air dancer that says this. The best location for this would be the arms. We’ll put the text “fast” on the arms.

Next, you will need to choose what you want on the body of the dancer. This is the most important part of the design. The text on the body should be short and to do the point. For an oil change, it would obviously be just “Oil Change.” The text count is short enough to allow maximum use of the sky dancer’s body design space.

Choosing your text's font style

Once you’ve decided on the text, you will need to select a font style. Like most signs, i.e custom feather flagscustom flags, and vinyl banners, custom air-powered dancers are best designed with bold font styles. You can see the different font options for “OIL CHANGE” and “FAST” below. From all of them, the bold styles look the best as they are easily readable from a distance.

Lastly, for font layouts, use all caps is usually best. This allows for the text to be as large as possible, which again makes it easier to read from afar. Your goal is to make your tube man be as easily readable as possible.


Step 3: Choosing Your Font's Colors

Choose the color combinations to use for your tube dancer’s text is very important. It is crucial to have your text stand out from the background color. In Figure 4, you will 3 different options for your sky dancers’ layout.

The option on the far left has one obvious problem, the text does not pop from the background. The inflatable tube man middle has varying text colors that pop from the body but it still looks a bit plain. The custom design on the far right has the best layout. The text “fast” has strokes on it that make it pop from the puppet’s arms.

The “Oil Change” text also has a shadow drop on it, which again lets it pop from the body. This extra addition to the text of the inflatable tube man allows anyone passing by easily and quickly read the messages on your dancer.


Finished Design Layout

Figure 5 below shows the final layout. This is how you should design a custom inflatable tube man for your business. The sky dancer has a colorful body layout which has lots of contrast. The text also easily stands out from the body part it is printed on. When anyone sees a waving dancer like this dancing around, it will capture their attention and result in more traffic to your door.

Feather Flag Nation produces its custom inflatable tube men in-house from our Riverside, CA location. We have professional designers in-house who are ready to assist you in creating the perfect custom inflatable tube man for your business. These puppets are great for all branding purposes. They pair very well with our stock and custom feather flags, vinyl banners, and other outdoor signs.

Contact us with any questions 877-900-5692.  Email:

How to Design a Custom Inflatable Tube Man Air Powered Dancer


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