Boost Sales with Outdoor Feather Flags

Boost Sales with Outdoor Feather Flags

How Outdoor Feather Flags can Help Boost Sales

Outdoor feather flags or flag banners are an excellent way to advertise your business or organization. Whether for events like a festival or sales or open houses, or products like food or professional services, outdoor feather flags and swooper flags can help increase the number of customers to your shop and boost business sales.

Feather Flag Nation carries high-quality outdoor feather flags that can also be used indoors. The flags are made out of polyester material that is hardy against outdoor elements such as sun, light rain, and wind. In severe weather, the flags should be taken inside, because while they are durable they are not indestructible, and wear and tear are inevitable.

There are many different designs and shapes for feather flags, but the biggest option a person has when choosing to purchase a feather flag (or feather flags) for their business or organization is whether to choose stock flag(s) or custom flag(s)

In-Stock Feather Flags

Stock flags are a great choice and even customers on a limited budget should have no trouble finding a variety of options and designs they can be happy with. Stock flags are pre-printed and they can be shipped out within 1 business day.

Our current offer is $49.00 per kit. Each kit includes a stock flag of their choice, pole kit, and ground spike. The ground spike can be upgraded to a cross base for an additional $29.99. All stock flags are roughly 12ft in height (all stock kits are 15ft overall height with 12ft flag and 15ft pole). All stock flags are single-sided.

Custom Feather Flags

Custom flags are ideal for businesses and organizations wanting to really distinguish the brand of their business or event. Businesses that sell particularly niche products might also choose custom flags because stock flags tend to highlight more generic items. Custom flags can be purchase in various size kits. We offer a 5ft flag/6ft kit, 6ft flag/8ft kit, 8ft flag/10ft kit, 10ft flag/12ft kit, 12ft flag/15ft kit, 14ft flag/16ft kit, and a 15ft flag/17ft kit. Custom flags can also be double-sided.

Whether you choose to buy stock or custom outdoor feather flags, you should buy from for high-quality products!

We take great pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.


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