Why Your Business Needs a Pole Banner

What is a Pole Banner?

With all different kinds of banners and flags, it’s easy to get lost in the terminology. Pole banners are also referred to as pole banners, avenue banners, lamp post signs, and so on. But, how do you know a pole banner when you see one?

You’ve most likely seen a pole banner flag driving down the street, often near public spaces with a dense amount of people, like downtown or near a university. 

Avenue banners (our preferred terminology at FFN)are exactly what they sound like! They are banners often attached near the top of poles, streetlights, etc with a set of brackets and bands to hold them in place.

What’s great about pole avenue banners is that they are placed high up where they are easily visible to anyone walking or driving past. Since they are attached to the pole from the top and bottom, they won’t move during windy conditions. These banners can be a more cost-efficient form of advertising since the light or street pole is likely already installed! You only need the banner!

Why You Need a Pole Avenue Banner

Businesses are getting more creative every day when it comes to advertising. One of the most popular forms of advertising is through pole banners. Imagine having your own personal flags to better advertise your business, town, school, or whatever else!

Avenue pole banners are popular for celebrating accomplishments such as retirement or honor roll students. They can even be used to mark your companies parking lot and more.

Light pole banners are used by a variety of people and organizations. These banners are especially popular among businesses, schools, and more that want to display information to a large audience with ease.

These banners have a lot of space to put nearly anything you’d like on them! At FFNwe have nearly no design restrictions, so your avenue banner can be customized to however you’d like! We even offer a variety of sizes that allow for just about any size hardware to be used.

One of the best things about these pole banners is how visible they are! Since they tend to be installed on light poles, they can be easily spotted from across a parking lot. Use them for directions to help navigate your customers with ease.

Even if your company or business doesn’t have something specific to advertise, we have customers who use these avenue pole banners to make their location look nicer and more friendly! Get custom banners to celebrate holidays or just to extend a warm welcome. These are the small details that only add to your customer’s experience. 

How to Install A Pole Banner

Installing a pole banner is a quick and easy process. The pole banner kit sold here at Feather Flag Nation comes with 9 pieces:

1 Custom Pole Banner (if purchased)
2 Aluminum Pole Arms
2 Aluminum Brackets
4 Stainless Steel Tightening Bands

Step One: Confirm you have everything
Make sure you have all the items listed above in front of you before beginning.

Step Two: Attaching the Poles to the Brackets
On your aluminum brackets, you will see a small rod with a ring attached to it. Remove the ring from the rod to remove the rod from the bracket.

Once removed, insert an aluminum pole into the bracket. Be sure to line up the hole located on the side end of the pole to that of the hole of the bracket where the rod once was.

Once lined up, reinsert the rod through the bracket and pole and secure again with the ring removed earlier.

Repeat this process for the other pole and bracket.

Step Three: Installing the Brackets
Using a ladder, get to the part of the street pole you would like to hang your banner at. Start with the top piece of the brackets making sure the arrow on the bracket is facing up.

Place the bracket where you want it to go and fasten with two of the stainless steel bands, one on top and the other on the bottom.

Step Four: Slide in the Banner
Slide in the top part of the banner to the pole and you can secure the banner by tying a zip tie from the banner to the ring. Next, slide in the bottom pole into the banner before installing the bottom bracket.

Step Five: Repeat Step Three
Be sure this bracket’s arrow is pointing away from the top bracket in the down position.

Step Six: Finishing Up
Congratulations, you have successfully installed your pole banner!

Installing your pole banner is a quick and easy process that anybody can do. After the first couple, you’ll be installing these banners in mere minutes.

Buying a Pole Banner Kit

There’s a lot of pole banner hardware out there but don’t be fooled by low-quality companies. When searching for a light banner kit you’ll want materials that can stand the forces of nature.

Feather Flag Nation’s street pole banner kit consists of strong, heavy-duty materials that will keep your banner up amongst the test of time, most strong winds, and are difficult to steal. You can count on a Feather Flag Nation purchase as a long-lasting asset to your company.

You can purchase your Feather Flag Nation light pole banner kit here. To view our other flags and kits, visit FeatherFlagNation.com


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