Custom Feather Flag Advertising for Independent Real Estate Agents

Custom Feather Flags Advertising for Independent Real Estate Agents

Custom Feather Flags Advertising for Independent Real Estate Agents

If you’re a real estate agent, you understand the importance of marketing yourself. But marketing yourself is something that is easier said than done! Advertising for independent real estate agents is not as easy as those agents who work for a company. Independent agents are responsible for all their own signage.

This is whereĀ Feather Flag Nation can help!Ā 

AtĀ FFN, we offer custom feather flag advertising for independent real estate agents. OurĀ custom feather flags come in seven different sizes and can be made as single or double-sided prints!Ā 

Let’s talk about the advantages of custom signage advertising for independent real estate agents.

Getting a Custom Feather Flag

custom feather flags for real estate agents

Feather flags are tall, slender flags typically in the shape of a feather. The flag height can range anywhere from 6ft to 17ft, allowing them to be easily seen from afar. AtĀ Feather Flag Nation, we have a variety ofĀ in-stock feather flags to choose from along with the option to get somethingĀ custom.

With ourĀ custom feather flags, we offer seven different sizes, all with the ability to be made as single or double-sided prints.

Single-sided flags will be one flag printed and sewn. You can still see the design on the backside, it just appears reversed and a little bit lighter. Double-sided flags are two flags printed and sewn together with a block-out mesh in the middle. This ensures your design doesn’t shine through to the other side.

FFN even offers free design services! You canĀ submit a free design request and one of our talented designers will create a proof for you. If you’d prefer to do your own design, you canĀ download our templates and send over your own custom design.

All of our custom products are made in-house from ourĀ Riverside, CA location.

The Advantages of Custom Feather Flags for Advertising

While we do sell in-stock flags made specifically for real estate agents (click here to see our 12ft options ORĀ click here to see our 6ft options) sometimes in-stock flags don’t give the perfect message.Ā Stock flags are great if you’re just starting out and looking to cut costs, but aĀ custom flag is going to give you the advantage over your competition that a stock flag simply can’t capture.

Our flag poles break down into 4 pieces, allowing for easy storage. We even have aĀ travel bag that can fit one complete hardware kit and up to two flags! This makes traveling from location to location easy for you. The travel bag can easily fit in the trunk of your car, meaning you never have to be without yourĀ custom flags.

SinceĀ custom feather flags can be made to your exact specifications, you can have your own personal message, your phone number, or even your image on the flag! This could be the extra personal touch you need to really gain your clients’ trust and build a recognizable brand.

Feather Flag in Front of Home
Small Yard Sign in Front of Home

Yard signs are a popular form of advertising for independent real estate agents, but they aren’t theĀ most effective way to advertise. Yard signs are smaller and low to the ground. They can easily be missed by someone driving by. Feather flags are tall and catch the eyes of passing cars much easier than aĀ yard sign.

If you’re an independent real estate agent, standing out is key! HavingĀ stock flags means you run the risk of your competition having the same flags. To really stand apart you have to show your true colors, and what better way to do that than withĀ custom feather flags?Ā 

By putting your name and phone number (and maybe even your picture!), not only can your clients easily find you, but those in the housing market would also see your flag and know there’s a local, friendly real estate agent in their area. And if your phone number is on the flag, they can write it down or snap a photo to have your information for the future.Ā 

In-Stock Real Estate Feather Flag Options

In-Stock Real Estate Flags

Maybe you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of money to spend on custom products. We get that!Ā FFN also has a variety ofĀ in-stock real estate feather flags in two different sizes! We have stock flags for real estate agents in ourĀ 12ft flag/15ft kit size and our smallerĀ 6ft flag/8ft kit size. These flags are already printed and ready to go, making them quick advertising for independent real estate agents.

With in-stock flags, the designs are single-sided and cannot be changed. Since they are packaged and ready to go, these stock flags can ship out within one business day of your placing your order (compared to the 3 business day minimum needed for custom flags).Ā 

While we offer designs in both ourĀ 12ftĀ andĀ 6ftĀ size, we do have a larger selection in ourĀ 6ft flag/8ft kit size.Ā These flags come in a variety of colors with different messages such as “For Lease,” “Welcome,” “Open House,” and more. These smaller stock flags come with theĀ poles, ground spike, and travel bag so you know you have everything you need to start advertising.Ā 

With our stockĀ 12ft flag/15ft kit real estate flags, there is a smaller selection. Similar to our smaller flags, we have flags that say “Open House” and “Now Leasing” but we also have flags that say “Model Home,” “Pet Friendly” and more. You can also add the travel bag to these flag kits for easy storage and portability.

Whether it’sĀ custom flags orĀ in-stock flags,Ā FFN has all the advertising for independent real estate agents.


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