What are tube men?

What are tube men?

If you are an avid shopper, chances are you have seen a tube man before. Even if you have seen them on TV like CARVANNA’s latest commercial intro or even on Family Guys funny mock commercial for Wacky Wavy Men.  Going by many different names, Tube men are a treat to be seen. Since they are usually big and tall, these tube men are crowd favorites. The wacky men are fun and full of whimsy. Giving off a playful spin to advertising, tube men are great attention seekers. That’s what makes them a great addition to any business looking for new customers.  

Stock and Custom!

Like many of our other products, we carry both stock and custom version of tube men.  With many designs already printed and ready to go, you can order a tube man body anytime you need one.  Just remember we can’t modify already printed tube men so stock comes as they are.  Perfect for when you are in a pinch and need something right away.  Check out our library of stock tube men on Feather Flag Nation.

If our stock items do not meet your standards, you can try designing one just for your needs. Designing is by far our favorite part. It allows us to see what customers are truly looking for.  Wacky balloons, or as we call them, tube men, are fun to play with as far as design goes. A recent customer asked us to replicate their husband as a fun surprise gift. You can try to replicate it the best we can. 

Our custom tube men follow the same protocol for our custom feather flags. Begin with a design request. There you can let our designers know what you are looking for.  Say you want a specific image on there with your logo. We will work with you until you are happy with the design. From there your designer will let you know how to move forward with purchasing.  Most likely it will be a link to check out on our website.  There your design will not be on there, you just have complete payment and we connect the rest via your information.  Depending on how many you might need printed, 1-4 items will take our standard production time of 3 business days.  Any more items than that and we might have to check with our production team.  After production time, shipping can take anywhere from 2-5 business days depending on your shipping location. Just keep in mind we do not start production time until payment and final approval are given. 

How to set up!

Once you receive your tube man and blower.  Look for a good spot for your tube man. The amount of space you need all depends on the size tube men you ordered.  You need to remember that these are sometimes called sky dancers for a reason.  They dance with the wind.  So make sure they will not hit power lines or anything that your tube man might get stuck in.  While looking for the perfect area, you should also keep in mind the blower does need to be plugged in to a power source.  Once all that is secure, you can now set up your tube men!  Just connect the tube man with the Velcro on the blower and turn it on.  Now you are ready to dazzle your audience. 

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