what are Feather Flags?

What are Feather Flags?

Feather flags are our favorites and they can be yours too. These flags can be used for any occasion, especially when you are looking into your business advertising.  Feather flags can be best described as feather shaped flags that stand upright.  Ours are made to be windless. Meaning they sit up right even if there is no wind blowing. So the design is always visible to you! 

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Feather flags are one of our top sellers. Especially custom feather flags where the only limit is our bleed lines! You can pick any color or image and we will make the necessary adjustments in order to supply you with the best print. In fact we work with you until you are happy with the design.  We even hold off on printing until you give final approval after payment.  That way we both know you are getting what you want!

They come in different sizes, so finding the perfect size for you is really up to you. We carry from the tallest at 15ft to our smallest at 5ft. In fact, these all range in different prices as well.   So there’s truly something for every project! We even have sales going on all the time, so finding what fits your needs has never been easier. Check out these links below!

Our kits always sit taller than the flag. So keep in mind when purchasing our flags and kits, it’s important to remember the overall height. Our tallest is at 17ft while the shortest is at a good 6ft.   When buying a full kit we offer the flag itself, its corresponding poles of your choice and the base of either a ground spike or a weighted base. It all depends on your needs, just make sure to either let us know or make sure they are selected when checking out. 


Even if you already have our kits, you can purchase just the flags. Just follow the links below!  Remember, we do not guarantee our flags will fit other company’s poles.  So make sure to verify before purchasing as custom feather flags are non-refundable.  See links below for replacement flags!

 Of course we also carry some stock feather flags but those are printed and ready to go. We just cannot modify those in any way since they are ready to go!  Visit Feather Flag Nation online and see what we can do for you.   I am sure we have something for you.

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