what are vinyl banners?

What are vinyl banners?

Although Feather Flag Nation is named after feather flags that doesn’t mean we only sell feather flags.  They might be our favorite type of flag, but we also love vinyl banners.  We love them because they are easy to work with and come in a variety of sizes.  Vinyl banners are excellent when you are in a budget or need something a bit bigger than our feather flags.  Made out of vinyl, our banners are a stiffer and made to last longer than our flag material. Of course that doesn’t mean leaving your beloved banner out in a hurricane.  With love and care, our vinyl banners will keep on working for you until you don’t need them anymore. The colors on vinyl banners also tend to fade less quickly, but that mainly depends on your area. When it comes to design, our dedicated design team will work with you until you are happy.  No request is too big until it is and even then we will try to find something that will work for you.  Virtually we can print any color you might need. So don’t worry there either. We also don’t charge per letter like other companies might want to.  If you have a specific font file you want to use, send it over and we can install it and use it for you. We are here to make your life easier. So working with our team is a breeze!

Ordering process:

Our ordering process tends to be the same for most of our products.  We typically begin with a design request. This is the stage where you give us all the information on what you want exactly.  Here a designer joins your journey with Feather Flag Nation.  Our design team will work with you until you are happy with the design. After the design is said and done, we will direct you back to our website for payment.  Since we process all our payment on our website, it is nearly impossible to update the website images for each customer. So don’t be alarmed when you see a stock photo of the item you are purchasing.  Once we get your order, we connect back your order with your art by name, email or even a phone number.  That way we can send out your design for your final approval. Depending on how many you might need printed, 1-4 items will take our standard production time of 3 business days.  Any more items than that and we might have to check with our production team and the amount of work we currently have.  After production time, shipping can take anywhere from 2-5 business days depending on your shipping location.  Just keep in mind we do not start production time until payment and final approval are given.

When working on your next project, consider Feather Flag Nation for your vinyl banner needs. See if we have the size you need or even ask us by calling 1-877-900-5692. Anyone in the office can help you and even if we can’t answer your questions right away we can always reach back out to you. Just leave us your name, call back number and an email. 

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