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Advertising during the Holidays

It’s that time again!  Busy shoppers will soon fill the stores looking for that perfect gift for their loved ones.  Last minute shoppers will start to panic shop at any stores available.  Most stores will begin their sales soon, if not already planning them. The question now is how will you make yourself stand out among all other stores?  As a business owner, advertising is very important at any time of the year.  Especially during the holidays, where you have the opportunity to increase your revenue and foot traffic!  Since the holidays are around the corner, now is the time to get your holiday advertising going!

Custom items for your Holiday advertising!

Holidays are always hectic. Unless you are shopping early, but who plans for unexpected visits or shipping delays?  There will always be a potential customer looking for last minute deals. With all the shopping options available now, your business needs to stand out among the rest.  Feather Flag Nation offers many options for you, especially if you have specific designs in mind. We can do custom vinyl banners, custom feather flags, custom standard flags, and even custom tube men.  Just to name some of our fan favorites!  We carry much more options just take a quick browse on our website.  With the holidays around the corner, there is still some time to get custom items, and we will try our very best to get them to you.  

When looking to custom items, having a game plan can help you get through our process quicker. Research what custom items would work for you and your business.   One of our most popular items is a custom feather flag.  These are our best sellers simply because they come in various sizes!  This allows customers to pick what would best fit for their advertising budget and plan. Feather flags have lots of space to work with, so getting creative is welcomed! Custom feather flags can be in any color, and printed with any image you could want, as long as their colors are set to print with our printers. But that’s not something you need to worry about, we got that part covered. We just need your final approval before putting anything into print. Easy enough, the same process for all custom items. Although feather flags are some of our best sellers we also have other custom options for you. Like custom inflatable tube men, standard flags, vinyl banners and much more. So before deciding what fits best for you, take a browse on Feather Flag Nation! 

design process

In stock items

Like custom options we also carry a large selection of stock items.  So if custom items are not in the books for you, remember we got your back. We have a good inventory of stock items printed and ready to send out at a click’s notice. There is no worry about the pricing either, our stock items are reasonably priced. Even if you need to replace a flag quickly, our stock items tend to ship out relatively fast, so no worries there.  We mainly carry generic flags like OPEN or SALE, but we also carry some holiday flags and even single colors if you need something eye catching fast. Don’t be afraid to ask for rush shipping, although we can’t guarantee anything, we will try our best to fit into your schedule. Just don’t be scared when you see how high shipping carriers are charging during this time!

Take on the holidays like a champ. Get your customers to remember to come back to you every time they see one of your flags flying in the wind!  Bring in new face and get your sales moving. Both stock and custom flags can make a difference to your business, so don’t fall behind this holiday season. Get your Feather Flag Nation item today!

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