Custom Flags - What are bleed lines?

What are Bleed Lines? – Custom Flags 101

Custom Flags 101: What are Bleed Lines?

At Feather Flag Nation, we offer a variety of custom outdoor signage. We have free design services available. All you do is fill out our free design request and let one of our talented designers create a proof for you. But we know some customers like to provide their own artwork, so we also have templates available to download as well. 

Whether or not you let us do the design or you’re designing your own flag, there is one important thing to keep in mind: bleed lines. A common question we get is “Why can’t you stretch my text to the very edge?” or even for those who download our templates they ask “What are the red lines on the template?” 

Bleed lines are markers or borders on an art file that show you the “safe area” on the file. For us at FFN, bleed lines show where the safe area for your artwork should be. Anything outside of our pre-determined bleed lines is at risk of being cut off or stitched over once your flag is in production.

It’s important to make sure any pertinent information (such as names, logos, etc) are within those bleed lines to be sure nothing is cut off during production.

Our Feather Flag Template

With our custom feather flags, we leave a roughly 2″ border around the flag for the bleed area. This is to ensure the important information isn’t cut off once the flag is folded and sewn.

While you can have patterns, images, etc that cover the entire background of the flag (including past the bleed lines), make sure any parts of the image or pattern you definitely want to show up are within those bleed lines.

In the example template to the right, you can see the red bleed lines.

Our 3x5 Flag Template

Our custom standard flags come in 4 different sizes, but similarly to the feather flags, these flags also have a 2″ bleed line around the flag.

Even if you are providing a to-size file without using our templates, it’s important to keep in mind the 2″ bleed. 3×5 print sizes are 60″ x 36″, so when prepping your artwork, keep the important stuff within a 58″ x 34″ area.

The template on the left shows a standard 3×5 flag with the bleed line around.

Examples of a Properly Designed Custom Feather and 3x5 Flag

When it comes to designing your custom flag, it’s important to not overthink it. Keep everything you want for sure to show up within those bleed lines. With your text, keep it a few inches away from the bleed lines to ensure the text doesn’t look wonky or end up with stitching over it when in production.

You can still use decorative background images or patterns on your flag. Just keep in mind parts of the design that are passed those bleed lines likely won’t print. So if your background pattern has graphics you’ll want visible, but sure they aren’t too close to the edge!

Below is an example of a properly designed custom feather flag and custom 3×5 flag.

In the images above, you can see that the final product is simply just whatever is inside the red bleed lines. Easy, right? Now go design yourself an awesome custom flag. And you can even educate anyone that asks you what is a bleed line.

Check out some awesome aerial footage of custom air dancers and feather flags. Shot by me with my rookie recording skills on a DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

We take great pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location. 


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