Custom Flags - What are bleed lines?

What are Bleed Lines? – Custom Flags 101

Custom Flags 101: What are Bleed Lines?

When buying signs, after downloading a template — people often ask us: What are bleed lines? Bleed lines are markers or borders on an art file. Any graphics or text that goes outside of that bleed line have the risk of being clipped. Bleed lines are important to follow when designing your custom feather flags because you do not want your important graphics to be clipped, such as phone numbers, logos, and products.

Feather Flag Template –

Bleed lines for custom feather flags slightly differ from bleed space on other printing processes. The red bleed line shows the actual area that the flag will cut down to when it is sewn. For custom flags, you will lose around 2″ of the flag when the material is folded and sewn.The image below shows a feather flag template without any graphics on the flag.

Custom Feather Flags - what are bleed lines?

Standard Custom Flag template –

Our standard custom flags come in a few different square or rectangle shapes. These templates work the same way as our feather flags, rectangle flags, or teardrop flags.   The bleed line is the inside border of the flag and that is what your flag will hem down to once it is cut and hemmed.

Custom Flags - What are bleed lines?

Examples of a properly designed custom flag and feather flags

Designing the artwork is fairly straight forward.   Keep anything you don’t want to be clipped inside the bleed line. Don’t have anything touch the bleed-line leave extra space to be safe. Certain fabrics can slightly shrink after curing, which can cause clipping of graphics that touch the bleed line. Below I will show you an example of two layouts of feather flags before and after the are hemmed.

Custom Flag & Feather Flag - Before and after bleed-lines.

In the images above, you can see that the final product is simply just whatever is inside the red bleed lines. Easy, right?   Now go design yourself an awesome custom flag. Now you can educate anyone that asks you what is a bleed line.

Check out some awesome aerial footage of custom air dancers and feather flags.  Shot by me with my rookie recording skills on a DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

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