6ft T-mobile feather flags for indoors

T-mobile Feather Flags | Flag banners & Air Powered Dancers Great for 2021

T-Mobile Feather Flags and Inflatable Tube Men

We’ve worked with thousands of T-mobile businesses around the United States to provided them with both indoor and outdoor signs. Our low-cost T-mobile feather flags and air-powered dancers are a must-have for all master dealers. Our signs are designed to be easily mounted and to create instant impressions. The majority of your investments into our flags, air dancers, or banners will pay for itself within days, if not hours. Stay away from high-cost radio advertisements, Tv ads, or even door to door fliers. Capture clients as they pass by your location. Get noticed 24/7, not just by over-priced time slots.

Why choose us for your T-mobile feather flags? Simply, we are the best in the business. We are the largest provider of high-quality feather flags, inflatable tube men, and other signage for T-mobile franchise owners. Not only do we provide durable items, but we also have the cheapest prices on the web. A complete flag kit for grass use is only $49. This price includes a 12ft T-mobile feather flag, 1 sturdy aluminum pole kit, and a heavy-duty ground spike. This price cannot be beaten for the quality that you will receive. Purchase over $100 and also get free shipping on your order with the coupon code SAVEMONEY*.

*This blog was last updated in November 2020, shipping requirements are subject to change.

Our pole kits are sturdy enough to last a few flag cycles. Replacement T-mobile flags are only $14.99 each. Yes, you read right only $14.99! Our flags typically last anywhere from 9 to 12 months. Paying $14.99 to display a flag banner for almost a year is a bargain. That is about 4 cents a day.

T-Mobile Air Powered Inflatable Tube Men

Inflatable Tube men are slowly becoming more popular due to more compact business locations where visibility of your business can be an issue. Using our T-mobile air powered dancer guy at the entry of your shopping center can instantly notify anyone passing by of your existence. We’ve perfected our material over time and are confident that we have the best and most durable air dancer inflatable tube man material in the market. Oh, and yes, we do offer our T-mobile tube dancer body and motor at the lowest prices on the web.

We can customize a vinyl banner as you like for your next grand opening, big promotion, or special. Free design services are offered on all of our custom signs which means you don’t need to hire and overpay a third-party designer. Let us take care of the hard work for you. Let us know how you want it done and we will make it happen.

If you are a master dealer or own several locations contact us for specials on bulk purchases. We offer generous discounts on bulk quantity orders. Our goal is to help your business succeed with as little money out of your pocket as possible. We offer different tier pricing for stock and custom t-mobile feather flags. We’ve worked with many T-mobile business owners let us add you to our list of satisfied customers.


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