How to order custom flags in 5 steps

How to Order Custom Flags in 5 Easy Steps

How to Order Custom Flags in 5 Easy Steps

Trying to customize and design your own feather flag may be difficult and confusing.  On top of that, you have to make sure you have your logos in vector formats, images at the proper resolutions, and know your Pantone or CMYK color codes. Seems like a lot, right?  But, guess what!  It is not nearly as complicated as it may seem to get your custom flags designed, printed, and to your door.

At, we remove the hardest part of placing a custom flag order, which is doing the product design.  We don’t make you use a design tool, which could leave you confused and frustrated.  Instead, we have professional designers ready to do the artwork for you by submitting a free design request. No strings attached. You are NEVER obligated to buy.

Okay, so let’s get started with how to order custom flags.  I’ll try to make this as short and as easy as possible.

5 steps to order custom flags

Step 1: Locating the Files That Are Needed to Create Your Flag Design

Want to place your logo on the flag?  

Contact your logo designer and request a vector file.  Vector files will come in .ai, .eps, .pdf, or .cdr.  Your designer will know which to send you. SVG files usually also work but .ai or .eps are preferred over all formats listed below.

Different vector formats

Don’t know who your logo designer is?  Send us all the file formats you have and we’ll sort through them to see which will work.  Some logos we can recreate for free.

Planning to use a live image on the flag?

There is no easy way to determine if your picture will scale to your print size without becoming blurry.  Send us the picture and we’ll let you know 😊.  Screenshots or pictures taken of logos with your phone will usually not work.  Below is an example of a picture that looks excellent at original size.  When it is enlarged to the larger 5ft size, you can see the image become very fuzzy.  For this reason, we need have the image to be able to resize it to test for issues like this.


Step 2:  Submit a Free Design Request For Your Custom Flag

Okay, so you’ve got all the necessary files to send to us to request your design.  You can send us an email at or you use our free design services.

I would recommend using the design request form since it will walk you through the information we need.  It’ll let you narrow down your request to a specific size and item as well, which will speed up the process.  Below is an image of a design request form for our standard or various sizes.  It’ll also let you know of the most popular size, which is the custom 3×5 flag.

Upload all of your files, include as much details as you like for your layout instructions, and specify any colors that you would like to use.

Remember, flag prints cannot be done in RGB color modes.  So, you’ll have to use CMYK codes or Pantone colors value.  Want to learn more about colors?  Go to our RGB vs CMYK colors blog.

Step 3:  Constantly Refresh Your Email's Inbox for Your Design Proof

Depending on the workload, you should get your design proof within 30 minutes to a couple of hours.  IMPORTANT! Be sure to check your spam box. Sometimes our emails can end up there.

By the way, a design proof is simply a digital image showing a concept design of your design request.  We’ll do a layout and show you what it would look like.

Below is an example of a design proof.  It’ll show the flag size, the layout of the flag, and also how it is finished.  In this proof, it is a 3x5ft flag that is finished with a white header and 2 grommets on the left side.  It’ll have a violet background with the red logo printed on it.

It is important to note that the colors you see on your screen will not look the same on your actual flag print.  Colors will be 10 to 15% lighter in person.

Our three most often asked questions during our design process are below.

Can you match colors for my other prints?

Unfortunately, we provide no color matching guarantees.  Colors on a flag will look different than the colors on your vinyl banner, business card, or any other print materials.  Colors on flags tend to be lighter by 10% to 15% from what you see on your computer screen.

If you are specific with colors, we would advise ordering a color swatch. Swatches are free, you just have to cover shipping! This will give you peace of mind that your colors will be just how you like.

Red and blue colors tend to be tricky.  They can look very different from your computer screen to your flag.

Click here to read more in-depth about CMYK vs RGB.

How many revisions do you allow?

We allow up to 4 revisions for free. This does not include the original design request. On average, we can get a design approved within 2 revisions.

Can I print RGB colors?

Textile prints are only done in the CMYK color spectrum.  Because of this, we are not able to use any RGB colors.  RGB colors are the ones that your computer displays with RGB lights.  This is not possible to recreate in real life.  You would need to find CMYK alternatives for the RGB colors you would like.   It is important to note that RGB colors look neon and are very bright.  CMYK colors are more matte and cannot look neon.

CMYK vs RGB Colors

Step 4:  Approving Your Design

Scenario 1: So, you’ve received your design proof and you love it!  Now what?  Let the designer know via a reply to the email that you approve the design and that you would like a purchase link.  They’ll send you a link to the product that you approved.  Be sure to use only the link they provide since it will be for the size and style that you approved.  Going to other links and purchasing another size will cause a mismatch between what you approved and what you purchased.

Once you make the purchase, we will send one more email with the approved proof for you to confirm.  Be sure to send your final approval to get the order into production. We do not continue with custom orders until we have final, written approval.

Scenario 2: You don’t like what you see or what to make some changes?  Simply reply to the email and request the exact changes you would like.  Request all your changes at once so that you can see multiple variations.  For example, you receive a red flag, but want to see the same flag in yellow, blue, pink, and etc.  This will be considered as only one revision, so request all of the color changes at once and we will reply with a new proof with all variations.  Otherwise, you’ll burn through your 4 free revisions quickly.

Step 5:  The Wait Begins! (Don't worry... it's not long!)

Once you’ve placed the order and provided the final confirmation, we’ll get right to work.  Most of our custom flag orders will usually ship within 2 to 3 business days.  UPS ground will take an additional 3 to 5 business days to deliver.  Sit back, relax, and wait for your order to arrive at your door.

Once your order is put into production, we will send you an estimated ship date.  The day following the estimated ship date, you can request a tracking number from our request a tracking number link.

Have additional questions on how to order custom flags? Contact us!


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How to Order Custom Flags in 5 Easy Steps

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