Advertising signs and banners have proven to be an excellent way for businesses to generate awareness and interest. In the same way, custom feather flags for churches and other places of worship can be a useful tool to reach out to the community and draw in new members. Your church or organization can use feather flags as location markers, or to advertise one off events like fundraisers or concerts, or use flags regularly to advertise weekly worship meetings or clubs.

Custom feather flags for churches can illustrate faith indoors or out.

Custom feather flags for churches can illustrate faith indoors or out. These display signs and banners have beautiful colors and designs— perfect for meeting halls or other sanctuary spaces. This décor can add to the atmosphere of services or events and engage parishioners and visitors year-round. Use a line of feather flags along a walkway or in front of the worship center to enliven a space.

Use bright colors for your feather flags

There is no right way to design a feather flag, but it is recommended to use bright colors that stand out and short text for quick reading. The most popular option for churches and religious organizations tends to be a simple logo design.

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Other options have been for celebrating holidays or greeting new visitors or new leaders. Whatever the case may be, and regardless of placement, Feather Flag Nation has much to offer. Get your custom feather flags for churches made now! Custom feather flags can be made at 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, and 15ft – a good selection either indoors or out.

Stock feather flags for Churches


We have pre-printed flags available! Our most popular design is “WELCOME/WORSHIP WITH US”.

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