How to properly design a custom air dancer

How to Design a Custom Air Powered Dancer Guy

How to Design a Custom Air Powered Dancer Man (18ft tall)

In this blog post, I will discuss how to do solid color layouts for air powered dancers. A blog in the near future will be posted on how to design a custom tube dancer with full-color layouts that includes live images, gradients, text, and etc.

Picking Your Colors

Figure 1

When getting your inflatable air powered dancer layout done, it’s important to use rich, vibrant colors that stand out from a distance. Figure 1 to the left will display what is good and bad when designing your air-inflated puppet.

You have three main pieces to choose a color for: Body, Arms, and Hair. For mostly solid color designs, it is recommended that you pick a different color for the arms and hair so they stand out more against the body.

This allows for your arms to stand out from the body. This is important because the majority of the time, you will have messages on the arms that need to be easily read as they are moving. In figure 1, it is clear that design A stands out from the rest.

Changing the color of the hair and arms also makes the body pop. This will allow your messages to be separate and be easily read. Figures B1 and B2 are okay, but the design layouts do not flow. B1 looks incomplete due to the sudden color change and B2s hair gets lost with the body. Always try to vary the colors of these components, when possible.

Another mistake not to make when designing your custom air powered dancer layout is to use light colors. There are two main reasons to not use light colors. First, since this is a printed process, the colors will fade quicker. Lighter colors have less ink density, which means their fading will be noticed sooner than darker colors.

Setting Your Text

Figure 2

The text layout on your custom air powered dancer is another key element, which is often done incorrectly. Your puppet should contain text that is to the point, short, and readable when someone is driving by at 40+ MPH.

Don’t clutter your dancer with too much text and don’t use fonts that are a thing, scripts, or hard to read. Bold fonts such as Arial Black and Futura Bold work best.

Figure 2 has examples of good and bad text layouts. From a quick glance, it is easy to see what puppet A and C stand out from B. Lets to go over the bad first.

Figure B is bad because it uses small text and bad color combinations. The green is very difficult to read on the red body.

Figure C stands out well with great text size on the body, but the amount of text on the arms is too much. It is nearly impossible to read. Keep text on the arms limited to short words. Full sentences will be wasted space since no one can read them from a distance. It would be better to have no text on the arms, than a lot of text.

Custom dancer A is the best layout from the three below. First, the hair and arms stick out from the body, making the text “Mattress Sale” easy to read. Second, the arms contain just a single word that can easily be read. Additionally, the color of the text on the arms allow it to stand out. Third, the main slogan is to the point, uses bold text, is large enough to read from a distance, and it is a simple bold font.  

In short, an inflatable tube man’s job is to grab attention and then display a message. The message should be easily readable, to the point, and readable within seconds. You don’t want your potential clients struggling to read your text. For the best results and highest conversion rates, let your dancers be simple, colorful, and to the point.

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