How to Design a Custom Air Powered Dancer Man

How to Design a Custom Air Powered Dancer Man

Designing a Custom Air Powered Dancer

Take your business or shop to the next level with custom inflatable tube mans from Feather Flag Nation!

These dancers or inflatable air puppets are fun and unpredictable, a sure attention grabber when placed in high traffic areas. Now you can customize your own dancers with text, images, and logo of your choice.

Learn how to design a custom inflatable tube man using our template! Advertise your furniture store, car lot, auto repair, tax services, etc. today with a custom inflatable tube man!

How Do I Start Designing?

When designing your custom air powered dancer, you can do the same designs on both sides, or you can do different graphics on the front and back. No need to purchase 2 different inflatable tube men when you can have one dancer with 2 designs! This is the ultimate versatility.

Feather Flag Nation offers full-color prints. Make your design as intricate or simple as you’d like without fear of color restrictions. Advertise your brand in full color! A bright inflatable tube man like red or yellow or blue are going to grab more attention from potential customers than a black or beige inflatable tube man.

There’s a reason you see colorful advertising! This is just one part of learning how to design a custom air powered dancer.

When designing your inflatable tube man be sure to make text large and bold! This is the best way to market your brand and to let people know what products or services your shop or business offers.

There are many areas to place logos, text, and images on an inflatable tube man. The main area is along the body of the inflatable tube man. This vertical space is where you can place your business name, service, or product that you want to advertise.

The arms of the custom air powered dancer are also a good place to add text. Here you can place extra services and/or products.

Check out a sample of one of our 2 sided dancer designs dancing to Pharell’s Happy!

We take great pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.


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