Stock vs Custom Flags

Feather Flag Nation is your one stop shop for all your flag needs.  We carry a great assortment of advertising tools and hardware we think you might enjoy. Our crowd favorites are always between stock and custom items. The decision between these two is really on you. Whether you are interested in a quick process, or you need something as unique as you, check out Feather Flag Nation for all your flag needs. For more information on our ordering process between stock and a custom flag, continue reading. 

Stock Flags

Stock items are always waiting for you to simply click “add to cart”, especially our feather flags. Since they are already printed and ready to go, you only have to wait for shipping, which isn’t bad at all.  Once purchased, your stock order will be sent out within 1-2 business days, while shipping can take anywhere from 2-5 business days depending on your location with in the US. Our stock items are all single sided and printed on the left facing side. These flags have already gone through our production process, so the specific sleeve colors are not guaranteed. All our feather flags are sized according to our most popular size, 12ft flag for 15ft kits.  While we do have some stock in the smallest size we offer, not all designs are available. If you need to purchase a double sided instead, we do have that purchasing option under a semi-custom design. There you can change some colors or add a logo as well, but be careful, changing too much might call for a price increase. A designer will reach out if anything but it’s good to know beforehand. A semi-custom would need standard production time of 3 business days for custom items 1-4. Other than that, stock is pretty easy to purchase.  You can browse our website for all our stock. You’ll know it’s part of our stock because the flag alone will be $14.99, the hardware is considered add on’s, so they do add the amount. Customer who need something fast often opt for our stock items, so browse our website and see what treasures are waiting for you. 

Custom Flags

Fully custom items are by far our favorite kind of items. Custom items like flags, tube men, or even vinyl, all follow the same process.  You can either fill out a design request or then purchase, or you can go forward with purchasing then working with a designer.  Either way, all orders are processed through the website. Meaning the images will not change at all when you are placing into the cart. Once you decide how you want to do, a designer will reach out to help you with the design. Our team is more than happy to help you with every step of the way if you need us too.  Many customers come to us with a design in mind while others are looking for inspiration. Whichever client you are, we are here to help.  Just make sure to keep communication with us, as much as we try, our mind reading powers haven’t developed yet. Once you are ready, our team will send out the link where you can see the prices and check out. From there, when we receive your payment, the same designer you worked with will connect your contact information to the design request, if you started with one. After locating your latest file, they will send out your image for final approval. Per company policy, we cannot print anything without final approval. Once that’s all sorted out, your designer preps your order for print.  You know the sizing, color corrections if necessary. This is the stage we will contact you if we have further questions. Usually regarding color preferences or maybe even quality.  This stage is where we take a closer look into your art. You’ll know all is good when you receive the estimated ship out date email. That’s when production time will begin.  Then after that is done, shipping time will begin. Once it leaves our facility, it’s really in their hands now. Customers who are willing to wait for production love our custom items. So if you want something truly unique, consider a custom item. You won’t regret it.

Once you buy our items. You can follow our easy install videos on our YouTube channel, Feather Flag Nation. If you have further questions on our process or our products themselves, please feel free to reach out to our devoted team. They are ready and willing to help answer any questions you might have. You can send us an email, a chat via our website or even give us a call. 

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