Elevate your Advertising using Feather Flags

An Advertising Method

Advertising is a crucial aspect of promoting businesses and attracting customers. In the dynamic world of marketing, innovative methods are constantly emerging. One such method gaining popularity is the use of feather flags. These customizable, eye-catching, and tall banners have proven to be effective tools for capturing the attention of potential customers. 


What are Feather Flags?

Feather flags, also known as feather banners or flutter flags, are tall, attention-grabbing advertising banners often used for promotional purposes at events, trade shows, storefronts, and other locations. They are designed to attract attention and increase visibility for businesses, products, or events. 

Here, at Feather Flag Nation, we make high-quality polyester blend feather flags that are made to last 6-12 months. We understand that the consistent display of a brand through our customizable feather flags contributes to building brand recognition. The repetition of logos and messages helps imprint the brand in the minds of consumers, fostering familiarity and trust. Our feather flags can be used for various purposes, such as advertising sales, special promotions, grand openings, or simply to enhance brand visibility.


Why use Feather Flags?

They are versatile and can adapt to your changing marketing needs. Our customizable feather flags are durable and can be reused for multiple campaigns and events, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Unlike some other forms of advertising, feather flags do not require electricity. This means you can use them in locations where power sources are limited or unavailable. 

Feather flags are relatively affordable compared to some other advertising methods like billboards or TV commercials. They offer a cost-effective way to reach a broad audience without breaking the bank.  We also include free shipping on orders over $100 and we will remove the sales tax if you are ordering outside of California. Plus, Feather Flag Nation is always having monthly deals you don’t want to miss out on. Click here to check them out!

People buy our customizable feather flags are because they are lightweight and portable. You can move them around as needed, allowing you to adapt your advertising strategy to different locations and events. This flexibility is especially valuable for businesses that participate in trade shows or festivals. We also have travel bags that are meant for the feather flags that make it even easier to carry with one hand. Click here to check out our travel bags!


What colors to use for your Feather Flags.

The choice of colors for flags can greatly impact their visibility and attractiveness. Eye-catching colors can draw attention, convey messages effectively, and make a flag stand out in various settings. Consider the emotional impact of colors.

Location is everything! If your business is surrounded by open green fields, consider using colors that complement the natural green of the grass. Complementary colors, like blue or purple, can create a visually pleasing contrast with the green backdrop. If you’re shop is in the dessert, use bright and contrasting colors like red, yellow, and blue can work well in a desert environment. They stand out against the arid backdrop and can attract attention effectively.

Blue is another commonly used color in flags and is often associated with peace, stability, and freedom. It can be particularly striking when combined with white or gold. Blue is one the colors that help bring a sense of calmness.

Green is often used in flags to represent nature, growth, and hope. It can be eye-catching, especially when used in combination with other vibrant colors such as red, orange, blue, and yellow. Yellow is a bright and attention-grabbing color. It is often associated with sunlight, happiness, and prosperity. Flags that prominently feature yellow can be quite eye-catching.

Orange is a bold and vibrant color. It can symbolize energy, enthusiasm, and determination. Flags with orange can stand out due to their brightness. While not a color in the traditional sense, white is often used as a background or in combination with other colors in flags. It symbolizes purity, peace, and neutrality. When paired with bold colors, white can make a flag eye-catching.

Black is less commonly used as a primary color in flags but can be eye-catching when combined with bright colors like orange, yellow, and light green. It often represents strength, determination, and sometimes mourning or remembrance. Ensure that your chosen colors provide sufficient contrast to make the text or graphics on the flag easily readable. 

Purple is a less common color in flags but is often associated with royalty, nobility, and power. Flags that incorporate purple can stand out due to its uniqueness. Some flags use a combination of several eye-catching colors, creating a colorful and visually appealing design. Examples include the rainbow flag, which represents LGBTQ+ pride, and the Pan-African flag, with its red, black, and green stripes.

Consider what colors your competitors are using. While you want your flag to stand out, it’s also important not to clash with nearby signage or flags from other businesses.

How to order a Feather Flag from us.

To order a custom flag from Feather Flag Nation, you can start by submitting a design request. If you have any art/logo you would like us to use on your design please submit it using one of the following formats: jpg, png, pdf, eps, svg, tiff, ai, psd, or cdr. If you would like to see our stock feather flags please click here

We will then send you a proof to your email. Once all adjustments have been made and you are happy with the proof, we will send you a link where you can order the flag. You will not have to submit pictures or images as we will have your artwork on file already.

Through the link, ensure you are on the correct size flag. Follow the steps and proceed to checkout. If your order is over $100, your order qualifies for free shipping. Enter SAVEMONEY to the coupon code section (on check out page) to receive free shipping. If you are ordering outside of California, the tax will be removed once you place your address on the check out page. 

How to take care of your Feather Flags?

The lifespan of feather flags can vary depending on several factors, including the quality of materials, environmental conditions, and how well they are maintained. Our flags are meant to last 6-12 months, but they can last longer if you take care of them properly. Consider the season and weather conditions. Feather flags might not be as effective in extreme weather conditions like heavy rain or strong winds.

Our feather flags are designed to stay open and visible even in low-wind or windless conditions. The distinguishing feature of our feather flag is its unique design. Unlike traditional feather flags, which flutter and wave in the wind, our windless feather flags have a pole system that keeps the flag extended and prevents it from damage caused by collapsing or wrapping around the flagpole. This design also ensures that the flag’s message or graphics remain visible and readable, even on days with little to no wind.

Proper maintenance can extend the life of your feather flags. Regularly cleaning and inspecting flags for damage, such as fraying or fading, can help identify issues early and prevent further deterioration. Before cleaning, inspect the feather flag for any tears, frayed edges, or loose stitching. Address any damage before proceeding with cleaning. We recommend just spot cleaning using lukewarm water and not any detergent or soaps. Also, do not use any bristle brushes or rough sponges. We recommend using a soft cloth. Gently scrub off any dirt or stains.

When not in use, feather flags should be stored properly to protect them from dust, dirt, and UV exposure.  Feather Flag Nation does have an option to add a travel bag to your feather flag kit order, but they only work for the flexible pole kits. We have two different types of poles, flexible and pre-curved poles. The main difference between these two poles is the top pole piece. The pre-curved poles’ top pole piece is bent to the shape of the flag and is made entirely of aluminum. The flexible poles’ top pole piece is a thin rod that bends into the shape of the feather flag.

Travel bag for feather flags

If you already have bought a feather flag kit from us, you can order the travel bag separately. Click here if you would like to order a travel bag. Storing them in a cool, dry place and avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can help prolong their life.

We only offer repairs on custom items. If your order is within 6 months, we can offer free repairs. We mainly do repairs on our flag sleeves. For more information, click here.  We recommend using our premium poles in windier areas. The premium poles are sturdier and are designed for 20-30mph winds. Our feather flags change to the direction of the wind to prevent stress. We also offer tie down clips to help secure the feather flag. It is not required for pre-curved poles, but it is required for our flexible poles. 

In the competitive landscape of advertising, businesses must leverage tools that offer a strategic advantage. Our customizable feather flags, with their high visibility, creative potential, and adaptability, emerge as a valuable asset for businesses seeking to enhance their brand presence and engage with their target audience effectively. As the advertising landscape continues to evolve, feather flags stand out as a dynamic and cost-effective choice for businesses of various sizes and industries. Ready to place an order follow the link here.

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