How to Unwrinkle a Vinyl Banner

Vinyl Banner

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are versatile, durable, and perfect for displaying messages or advertisements. However, wrinkles can sometimes appear, affecting their visual appeal. Whether it’s from storage or transportation, these creases are not permanent. With a few simple methods, you can easily restore your vinyl banner to its smooth, pristine state. Click here to view our vinyl banners. 

Methods To Unwrinkle Vinyl Banner

1. Heat Method

Using heat is one of the quickest ways to unwrinkle from a vinyl banner.

Step 1: Lay the banner flat on a clean surface.

Step 2: Set a hairdryer or heat gun on a low setting and move it back and forth over the wrinkled areas. Maintain a safe distance to prevent damage to the vinyl.

Step 3: As the vinyl warms up, the wrinkles will start to diminish. Use a clean cloth to gently press down on the heated areas to smooth out the wrinkles.

Heat Gun For Vinyl Banner

2. Sun Method:

Harness the power of sunlight to help unwrinkle your vinyl banner.

Step 1: Lay the banner flat in a sunny outdoor area.

Step 2: Over time, as the vinyl warms up under the sun, the wrinkles should start to fade away.

Step 3: Periodically check the banner and gently smooth out any remaining wrinkles with your hands.


Sun To Unwrinkle

3. Weighted Stretching:

Utilize weights to help stretch out the vinyl and unwrinkle.

Step 1: Lay the banner flat and place heavy objects along the edges or on the wrinkled areas.

Step 2: Leave the weights in place for a few hours or overnight. The pressure can help straighten the vinyl.

Remember to test these methods on a small, inconspicuous area of the banner first to ensure they won’t cause damage or discoloration. Additionally, be cautious not to apply excessive heat or pressure, as vinyl can be sensitive to these factors.


4. Storing the vinyl banner the proper way.

Before storing your vinyl banner, ensure it’s clean, dry and unwrinkled. Use a mild detergent and water to gently clean any dirt or stains, then allow it to air dry thoroughly. Storing a clean, dry banner prevents the growth of mold or mildew during storage.

Avoid folding the banner as creases can cause permanent damage. Instead, roll it up loosely to keep it unwrinkled and prevent creases. If possible, roll the banner with the printed side facing outward to protect the print from potential damage. For optimal storage, place the rolled banner around a cardboard tube or core. This provides support and prevents the banner from bending or creasing. Make sure the tube is clean and slightly larger than the banner’s diameter to avoid tight rolling.

Vinyl Banner


Store your vinyl banner in a climate-controlled environment away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, moisture, or humidity. Exposure to these elements can cause the colors to fade, the material to degrade, or mold and mildew to develop. Consider storing the rolled banner vertically, if possible. Vertical storage reduces the risk of unnecessary pressure on the banner, keeping it unwrinkled and minimizing the chance of creases or damage. However, ensure it’s stored safely to prevent it from falling or getting crushed.

If you have multiple banners, label each roll with relevant information such as the event, date of use, or specific details about the banner’s content. This makes it easier to identify and retrieve the banner you need without unrolling all of them. Periodically inspect your stored banners for any signs of damage, mold, or pests. Unroll them gently and re-roll them to avoid permanent creasing. This routine check-up ensures that your banners remain in good condition for their next use and unwrinkled.

If storing banners for an extended period, consider placing them inside a protective cover, such as a fabric or plastic sheet. Ensure the cover allows the banner to breathe while providing an extra layer of protection against dust or accidental spills.

Properly storing vinyl banners is crucial to preserving their quality and extending their lifespan. This is also the best way to maintain it unwrinkled. By following these storage tips, you’ll keep your banners in optimal condition, ready to make a bold impression whenever you need them. 

Remember, the care and attention you give to storing your vinyl banners will pay off in their durability and vibrant appearance for future use!

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