Why Custom Flags Are Ideal to Promote Your Small Business

Why Custom Flags Are Ideal to Promote Your Small Business

Why Custom Flags are Ideal to Promote Your Small Business

It seems that every company throughout the world is relying heavily on digital mediums to advertise their businesses and promote different causes. So much so that it seems traditional advertising and marketing is being forgotten entirely. However, drive down the street in your own town and you’ll see banners, signs, balloons, and sign spinners in front of many businesses still advertising in traditional ways.

One of these traditional means of advertisement and promotion are custom flags, which can be a great way to promote your brand or specials events you’re running. Many businesses still recognize these and other means of advertisement as valid ways to spread the word. Here are some ways that you can use custom flags to promote your small business and the benefits of doing so.

24/7 Brand Exposure

With custom flags, your advertising is visible around the clock. You don’t have to take them down and they don’t expire after a certain number of hours. With digital advertising, people might see it initially on their social media feeds but before long, your advertisement will become buried under a lot of other digital copy.

Reasonably Low Investment

The cost per thousand for custom flags is a lot less expensive than for most other types of advertising. For a product that will last longer, you really are getting your money worth out of it. We also offer multiple sizes with different pricing, so you’re bound to find something within budget!

Custom Flags are Versatile

Custom flags and banners are an asset to your business. They don’t go out of style and they can be used and repurposed over many years. You won’t ever have to replace them unless they get damaged or destroyed somehow, and you can put them up and pull them back down as you see fit. This means that you only pay for them once, but you can keep earning a continuous return on your investment every time you bring them back out throughout the years.

Flexible with Design

In terms of design, you can be as imaginative with your custom flags as you wish. If you prefer a row of them, you can include a lot of information about your promotion or sale that you have going on. On the other hand, if your advertising budget is tighter, you can design and order one with more information on it until your budget allows for more down the road. It’s important to never overload it with too much information, but you don’t need to have too many to get a basic message across, and the design is yours to decide.


Custom flags are multipurpose. If you’re looking for something that can be used for many different situations and brought back in-between times that you need them, custom flags might be the way to go. They are great for any of the following situations:

  • Community events
  • Company anniversaries
  • Grand openings
  • Open houses
  • Parades
  • Product launches
  • Public relations campaigns
  • Trade shows

Flags for business advertising are great for any of these types of events because they are effective while being out of the way and unassuming. They are also more likely to draw in people from the local community, who are the people most likely to be repeat customers to your business. If you are looking for creative ways to advertise your business but don’t want anything too complicated or expensive, consider the many benefits of using custom feather flags.

Not Ready for a Custom Flag? Check Out Our In-Stock Feather Flags!

If you don’t have the money set aside just yet for a custom flag, we also have over 600 in-stock flags! These flags are printed, packaged, and ready to ship within 1 business day. 

All custom flags and signs are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.

Have any questions? Contact Us! Send us an email at sales@featherflagnation.com or give us a call at 1 (877) 900-5692. We are open M-F from 8am-4:30pm PST


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  1. It’s cool that you mention that custom flags can help advertise your small business. My wife and I want to start a small business this year, so we’re thinking about having some custom feather flags made for it. I’m going to search for a reliable business that can make some custom feather flags for us.

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