Custom 3x5 Flags Most Popular Size

Custom 3×5 Flag is the Most Popular Size

Custom 3x5 Flag

From all of the standard custom flags that we have to offer, our custom 3×5 flag reigns superior in popularity over other square and rectangle sizes. This flag can be used indoors or outdoors and is super easy to install. This gives our 3×5 flag size an advantage over other sizes. 

Why is the 3x5 Size the Most Popular?

Custom flags come in a variety of sizes, but low-cost stock flags do not.  For decades, many businesses have been stocking 3×5 flags at their stores to sell to their customers.  Stock flags and banners are typically printed in mass, which results in cheap prices.

The 3×5 flag size became popular for business or personal use due to its size being easy to hang on walls, homes, or larger flag poles. Because of this, all of our in-stock standard flags are the 3×5 size. Check them out here.

Since this is the most popular size across most flag companies, our in-stock 3×5’s are bound to be the same size as pre-existing flags you may already have.

This size became popular for personal use as well due to it being easy to pin to a wall without taking up too much space. Great for dorm rooms, homes, or businesses!

Finishing Options for a Custom 3x5 Flag

There are three finishing options for our custom flags (feather flags, vinyl banners, teardrop flags, and some other uniquely shaped designs that can only be finished one way)


Finishing a standard custom flag with grommets is the most popular choice.  The left side of the flag will have a grommet on the top and bottom. This allows for an easy install of objects such as tents and flag poles.

The flag in the above image is finished with 2 grommets on the left side.

Pole Pocket Sleeves

You can put 2” sleeves on any side of our custom 3×5 flags. This is great if you already have a pole you want to slide your flag onto. A string is included at the bottom which will need to be tied to a clip on your flag pole for extra security.  Sleeve sides vary depending on what type of setup you are using.  Some clients have them on the top with both sides open, it will just depend on the style of the pole and hanging you need to do.

Hemmed Only

If you don’t need grommets or a pole sleeve, you can also choose to do a hem only finish. This would be a custom flag that is sewn all the way around with no grommets or sleeves. This style is great if you plan on waving this at a rally or want to hang it on the wall without the grommets making it uneven. 

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