Concert Feather Flags 101: A Complete Guide

Concert Feather Flags 101

Concerts are exciting events! No matter what the music is, there will be large crowds of fans.  As an attendee, you only have one thing in mind: to hear their favorite song live! As the event organizer or even a concert vendor, there is more than music to think about. You know the importance of providing a positive experience for your guests. To have a successful event, there needs to be certain guide lines that need to be followed.  This will ensure they come back for other performers, and will even make it easier to book future events!  After all organization is the key to any event! Here at Feather Flag Nation we have exactly what you need to stay on top of your events. We have a selection of in-stock feather flags to choose from, along with the ability to make custom flags as well. No matter what your needs are, Feather Flag Nation is here to help!

Custom Designed Concert Feather Flags

For a successful concert event, one needs to prepare a plan. Think about all areas that are important. Think about how you can help a crowd of concert-goers find areas easier. Especially think about how you can keep everyone safe! Creating markers for emergency exits, first aid locations, or even restrooms is very important. Sometimes even having a marker for water is nice to have, especially when organizing larger outdoor events like music concert festivals. Even merch would benefit from having a location marker!  After all, the one thing we know for sure is that humans do need some sort of direction from time to time. For this instance, Feather Flag Nation believes feather flags are exactly what you need. Not just because it happened to be in our name, but because feather flags are genuinely great attention grabbers! They are tall and flap with the wind! Creating eye catching movement, we can also customize your feather flag to keep your event looking professional and well thought out! Anything from images to colors, Feather Flag Nation can help you stay organized. 

Use our tallest feather flags, 15ft flag/17ft kit, to mark important locations such as security or first aid to make finding help easier for your guest!  Although these are an investment, one of the best parts of purchasing feather flags with FFN, is once you have the hardware, you can simply order a replacement flag! This will save you costs in the long run as you won’t have to reorder hardware every time you get a new flag. Just be sure the flags you order are the same size to ensure they fit the hardware you already have.  There is no industry standard so we cannot guarantee other company products will fit our stuff. So make sure to purchase hardware the first time around!  

Our in-stock feather flags are 12ft tall and part of our 15ft kit. Best part is, like the custom flags, the hardware can be a one time purchase. Replacing with other stock flags is easy!  If you need, we also offer custom 12ft feather flags that fit onto the same stock hardware!  Plenty of clients will start out with a stock flag to see how they like it, then come back to order custom flags. We encourage it!  

Concert Feather Flag Sizes & Prices

As mentioned above, Feather Flag Nation offers completely custom feather flags! We have seven different sizes to choose from and allow for single or double-sided printing. Let’s quickly go over our different sizes and prices!

As mentioned above, Feather Flag Nation offers fully custom feather flags for any concert event! We have seven different sizes to choose from and allow for single or double-sided printing.  

All of these size options can be made as single or double-sided flags. Prices above reflect are for single sided and base options selected. Of course if you need further customization, you will need to go through our our options. For reference, single sided feather flags are only printed on on the left side as a standard.¬†You can still see the design on the backside, it will just be reversed and a little bit lighter.¬†¬†Double sided flags are two flags printed and sewn together! Seeing through a harder as there is double the material, especially with the block out mesh in the middle.¬†This ensures your design doesn’t shine through to the other side.¬†Custom feather flags¬†have the advantage over¬†stock flags¬†as our stock flags are only available as single-sided prints.¬†


We print directly to on to polyester material, so the design is all up to you! Basically, you can customize your flags however you need them.  Need to keep a consistent theme?  No problem, we can make that happen for you.  Whether it is colors or images, our design team will always let you know if something is pixelated or may not print correctly.  They are always ready to help you find a solution. 

What are the Benefits of Having Feather Flags at a Concert?

Feather flags might be our favorite product we sell.  However, in all honesty, feather flags are great for this type of events. Events that require location markers, need to be visible at all times. Feather flags are considered windless. Meaning the art or information on there will always be visible.  Wind or not, you can trust your flags will put in the work for you. 


We even have a variation of bases our hardware can work with. You use our popular ground spike for soft surface areas. Use our cross base for hard surface areas. Some even like to use our bolt on roof mount on food trucks! Indoor or outdoor use, we got you covered. Different bases give you the opportunity to use these in different settings.  Use the ground spikes on your outdoor areas. Get the most out of your soft surface areas and stick a ground spike where ever you can. Have an indoor area or all concrete? No problem.  Use our cross base to sit your feather flag. You can even purchase our weighted donut. That adds an additional 30-40lbs more to avoid tipping over. Fill it with sand or water. Feather Flag Nation has exactly what you need.  See below. 

Whether they are stock or custom, feather flags allow you to stay organized. Use them as location markers or simply use to them advertise! Don’t be afraid to advertise an upcoming event.¬† Make your flags work for you!¬†


We understand there are budgets when working with any events. So starting out with our stock items is the way to go. In fact we do have some in-stock event feather flags available. Of course if a budget is not in question, our custom feather flags are the way to go. Stay on brand and look extra professional with custom feather flags. Let everyone know it was all you! 

Purchase Your Custom Concert Feather Flags Today!

Don’t let your next event be dull!¬†Use¬†custom concert feather flags¬†throughout your venue to bring your business up to the next level.¬†Once you figured out what or how many you need, get in contact with Feather Flag Nation. We have worked with many organizers in the past. So we are no strangers to deadlines and multiple designs. However, we do have to take into account for the designing phase and the production time and the shipping time! So make sure to give us roughly about 1-2 months to get things sorted for you. If time is of the essence, it never hurts to try and see if we can do something for you!¬† Feather Flag Nation offers rush services in production and shipping at additional costs.¬†Once we get the design sorted, you can check out online through our website as all orders are processed through there. We understand most organizers need to get approvals from their budgeting team! Just ask your designer and they will send over a custom payment link along with that custom invoice. We take cards, PayPal and Venmo too. We even¬† accept checks too but they do need to clear before we print or send anything out.¬†

You can start your custom flag by¬†submitting a free design request here!¬†Requests are answered in the order that we receive them!¬† So if you don’t hear from our design team with in the hour,¬† we are working our way up to you! If you need something urgently, please call us right away and our team will place you in a higher priority.¬†If you want to be the creator of your own flags,¬† you can download our templates¬†here!¬†¬†We will still review your artwork and make sure everything is ready for production before putting your order into print. From there you can either send it back to us via design request or a simple email. If you know you are ready for purchase, you can upload your art on the billing details page!¬†¬†


Of course, Feather Flag Nation is more than just feather flags.  Check out all of the products we offer at Stock items ship within 1 business day and custom items vary by size of orders. Typically 3-4 business days for production. Shipping can also vary anywhere from 2-5 business days pending no delays and your location. Have additional questions? Contact us!

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