Custom Vinyl Banners for Stadiums

Why should I use banners for my stadium?

When you enter a stadium one of the most important elements is the presence of the school, sports team, musician, or whatever the event may be. This doesn’t just entice the fans, but the players too. This is also a great way to showcase your sponsors. They can also be used for informational purposes to direct everyone in the stadium. You can also showcase future events to entice the audience to keep coming back. At Feather Flag Nationwe have a variety of vinyl banner sizes to choose from to find the perfect banner for you!

What Benefits are there of Branding Your Stadium Space with Banners?

The presence of a team or event is great, but branding the stadium helps you stand out. No one really wants to see a blank stadium, especially for events. Having decorative and branded vinyl banners shows future teams or performers you can provide a professional aesthetic. This look and feel will not only help you stand out among others but gives you credibility. If you appear to know what you’re talking about and doing, people are more likely to buy from you.

In this case, if you decorate your stadium every time with vinyl banners and other signage it shows you know how to prepare or host a major event. This also allows you to charge what you’re worth. It’s hard if you’re just starting out, but if you look like an established business then you can charge like one.

Branding with vinyl banners also leads to returning customers and referrals. This is what drives your ticket revenue and is a form of marketing. For example, if a musician has a good experience at your stadium they will most likely tell others about where they performed. Branding is also related to consistency. This is especially good for print materials. Once you have a setup going you won’t need to think twice about fonts, looks, etc. This also helps attract ideal customers. If you want to attract a big-time professional sports team your stadium needs to be presentable.

People take notice when you add in all the finishing touches for them, or if you have a blank stadium when there are events. Branding will also boost your confidence. With the rise of social media, anytime your stadium hosts an event with great vinyl banners or other signage you will want to show it off. This can reach many potential customers who will see your confidence and expertise. This will make them more likely to trust your stadium space.

In addition, having established branding makes it so much easier to introduce or explain what you offer. This is important because you can now not only tell your client about your stadium, you can show them. This ties into a strategy for moving forward. It sets a strong foundation and tone for everything you offer and do.   

Not just for stadiums! School Banners

 Schools often use stadiums for their own sports teams, but also for graduation. When you brand the stadium for sports events with vinyl banners it gives it that flare of school pride. It also creates a great atmosphere for cheer and competition.
When parents, families, and friends see their school blown up on a huge vinyl banner it makes them want to cheer. Remember that this drives your revenue.  So what do you put on these banners? The logo of the team and the team name is necessary, but you can get more creative than that. You can display team accomplishments. This can include past players, present players, or years the team has been playing. This is usually what you see on the inside of the playing field. This is also a great way to catch the eyes of a recruiter.
Remember the school picked your stadium and keeps coming back because of your branding and presentation. As a result, the recruiters for universities or professional teams will come to your stadium. This is a great way to get more clients. You can also add banners or custom shaped flags to hang from the ceiling or walls. This can display current players or even future events such as the next game. If you want to pump up your fans, adding a go team banner or the slogan of the team helps the players and audience. The outside of the stadium can also be decorated with outdoor flags and signage to celebrate the team or players.

The great thing about schools is that this really pumps up the school spirit. Not just for the team, the team’s family, but overall the students. It also helps the school and you look professional by showcasing their brand. 

Graduations are a big hit with the audiences. Just as you would display players, this is a perfect time to display those who are graduating. Some schools are a lot bigger so you can display just those students who are on the honor roll. Or have that in addition to a banner with all the student names. This will make the families happy to attend which in turn will bring the school back. 

Vinyl Banners for Professional Sports Teams

Just like you would brand and display your high-end stadium aesthetic for a school, you would do the same for a professional team. This is a time to really show your stadium at its best. Not only is this a major client, but it also helps bring in more sponsors because of the team. If you brand your space with vinyl banners, sponsors will want at least one of those banners to be their spot.

This creates an environment where more sponsors will want a place in the future or even at that moment. This helps you network to more potential clients, and create more revenue, all because of your banner displays. You also want to impress the team and fan base. If you really put in the work to branding your stadium with the players and/or accomplishments, this will create a strong hype from all parties. A good experience overall is what keeps people coming back.  

Vinyl Banners for Concerts

Concerts are another popular event that can be held in a stadium. Many times these events are planned ahead of time. This a great time to get ahead of the game and plan your banner usage. Some banners should be dedicated to outside your stadium to advertise the future event. If you use vinyl banners outside your stadium and plan it all out, you will get buyers. There will be sales until there are no more seats, however, if you don’t promote your events sales will not sell out. 

Vinyl Banners for Any Event!

Some stadiums have restrooms, merchandise bars, and food available. This can be confusing to navigate. Banners and signage like feather flags can be used to direct the audiences. This will also make you seem more professional and allow your audience to have a good experience.

Vinyl banners for stadiums are not limited to just sports teams, schools, and concerts. They can also be used for large church mass. A good example is the Harvest events that are hosted at the Anaheim Stadium. At this event, there are speeches, musical performances, and special guests.

This is a great time to use banners. In this case, there are even some banners used purely for decoration. For example, you can add quotes or just a nice background for these speakers. Usually, these events are around the same time of year or planned many months ahead. So it is a great idea to advertise the dates and what this event will hold. Just like the other events we talked about, you can also have your banners show the speakers, logos, and any musical performers. This will make you appear professional, keep your customer happy, and keep them all coming back. 

Other Advertising Print Materials

While vinyl banners are the main banners used in a stadium, you don’t have to limit yourself to just those. We also offer avenue banners and various flags.

Avenue banners are great to advertise close to the streets or even further down the streets. Many stadiums and even theme parks like Disneyland use these. They don’t have to just be out the event you’re hosting, they can be used to show where your location or parking is. 

Another way to attract the crowd or brand your stadium is with various flags. We offer a variety of shapes, but the most popular ones are feather, rectangle, and standard flags. 

Here at FFN, we are also adding cut outs soon! These are great to advertise the event or for a great photo opportunity. During COVID many stadiums are selling cardboard cutouts to set in their stadium so that the audience has a presence. 

What Materials Do We Use?

Here at Feather Flag Nation we only use high-quality materials! Our vinyl banners are 13oz matte. This is great for vibrant and lasting colors.   

If you’re interested in avenue banners (also known as light pole banners) they are also vinyl material. This vinyl material is heavy-duty and is printed with long-lasting UV protected ink. This means there will be no fading for quite some time. Meaning you can leave this up and not worry about it!

All our flags are made of a high-quality polyester blend. This makes it able for us to print anything on there. Such as your logos, words, and even high-resolution photos. 

How do I start?

There are two ways you can go about this. You can design the banners yourself in Photoshop or Illustrator using our templates. Then just send us the files through email or a public download link such as Pcloud or Dropbox

The other option is our free design request.  We can design the whole thing for you, or you just let us know what you like and we do it! You just fill out a free design request on your site, which can be found here.  

What is the Production Time?

Typically, production time is 2-3 business days with us if you have 1-4 items. If you have a higher quantity this can vary. Feel free to call or email us if you’re not sure!



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