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Backpack Flags – Outdoor Mobile Signs

Backpack Flags

Easily promote your business outdoors with our backpack flags. Three unique custom flag shapes allow for layouts for all logos, graphics, and text. These flag banners make promoting your business a breeze to any large audience.

These light-weight mobile signs are perfect for malls, shows, shopping centers, trade-shows, busy streets (Las Vegas Strip, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, etc), and many other places.

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Why Use a Backpack Flag?

walking with backpack flag

The feather flag or teardrop shape of the flags attached to the backpack takes up very little vertical and horizontal space. This means you can fit into many small crowded areas and move with the crowd wherever they go.

A great example is the Las Vegas strip. Let’s say your employee is standing near a small crowd advertising your business suddenly, he or she sees a big wave of people a few hundred feet away. Your employee can quickly walk or run to the new location to begin targeting a new audience.

This leads to what makes a backpack flag superior to other mobile signs its mobility. Since the whole sign weighs only a few pounds, running or fast walking to different locations can be done with ease.

Because of mobility, your backpack flag is not stuck in one location. You can move throughout the day to different busy hotspots to maximize impressions of your promotion. More impressions lead to more sales!

Our backpack flags even have a small pocket to keep flyers or business cards. This allows your employees to not only advertise your services with the backpack flag, but can also pass things out to potential buyers!

Backpack Flag Styles

We have three different styles available for the custom flags attached to the backpack. All of the styles come in a single-sided or double-sided flag or banner print. Double-sided is advised for all flag prints.

Convex Flag

The convex flag is the smallest of the three options. This flag has a curved top and bottom. This design is approximately 22 wide and 55 tall.

This design is great because it will not wrap around the flag pole. The only downside of this flag is that it is small and does not have a lot of design space to include large text or logos. It is great for simple slogans or thin/circular logos.

Backpack Guy Convex
Feather Flag
Backpack Guy Feather

The feather flag shape is the most popular shape for custom flags.  We offer this flag in several different sizes. For backpack flags, it comes as a 6ft x 2ft flag. A feather flag is a favorite because of its shape and extra design space that it offers, compared to the convex of the teardrop flag.

The only downside of this style is that the extra 2 of width allows the flag to wrap around the pole if there is a sudden change in wind direction. Therefore, a double-sided print is highly advised due to the extra 1lb weight.

Teardrop Flag

The teardrop flag shape is great for indoor use. The shape of the flag allows the top portion of it to always be tightly held open, which makes it great for circular logos, or small slogans.

The downside of this shape is that you have less and less design space as you go down the flag, so the majority of your graphics or text have to remain at the top half of the flag. Therefore, the teardrop shape is great for a simple logo only designs.

Backpack Guy Teardrop
backpack flag demo

Other Signs to Advertise your Business

If you are looking to advertise at a single location, our custom feather flags and air dancers are popular for static advertising. Use them at your storefront or event to advertise your brand or business. Low-cost and made in the USA. Quick turn-around times and rush services possible on all custom jobs.


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