Get Your High Quality Jolly Roger Pirate Flags at FFN

Get Your High Quality Jolly Roger or Pirate Flag at FeatherFlagNation

Pirate and Jolly Roger 3x5 Flags

Today we’re featuring the original advertising flag: the pirate flag. Whether or not you’re sailing the high seas in search of booty, has various selections for the modern-day pirate to choose from. No sailing ship necessary!

These flags are perfect for pirate-themed events and parties and the current sale of $4.99 makes them a super deal! The flag is 3ftx5t. Fly a flag in front of your house or pin a flag on a wall or a door or above a ceiling for indoor decoration. Get several flags to hang around for a cool aesthetic. 

These high-quality pirate flags are made out of a polyester material that can withstand outdoor elements, though in severe weather the flags should be kept indoors. Whether for costume or event use or just a personal liking, let FeatherFlagNation provide you a pirate flag today and fly your Jolly Roger proudly!

The pirate flag, also known as the Jolly Roger, had a design unique to every ship that was flying it. These flags were flown primarily before attacking other ships. But sometimes pirates carried several flags (usually more innocent or neutral in nature) to trick other ships to come closer!

Then the Jolly Roger would come out!  The most common pirate flag design was the skull and crossbones, which shows a human skull above two swords or bones arranged like an X. The skull and crossbones were usually depicted on black flags, but some flags were red which meant the crew would fight to the death. Intense!


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