6 Reasons to Use Outdoor Advertising Custom Flags

Outdoor Advertising Custom Flags

It can be difficult to adequately advertise your business when you have a small advertising budget, little space for large signs or banners, or other advertisement limitations. Fortunately, custom advertising flags are a great way to increase awareness for your business and in turn, increase your bottom line. Here are 6 reasons you should consider using outdoor advertising custom flags to help promote your business.


Advertising flags are an excellent advertising method for your business because you can customize many aspects of your flag. They come in numerous sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. You can simply put your company name and logo on the flag or use a series of flags to spell out a phrase or word.

There are endless options for how you can use them to grab attention and also share a brief message that will stick in the customer’s mind. Even the very nature of a flag will draw the eye of passersby because they will flutter in the breeze, and movement automatically draws attention.

Easy Assembly

So many other types of outdoor advertising like large signs and banners are inconvenient because they are difficult to assemble and require stakes, nails, hammers, and other tools. Roadside banners are easy to assemble and usually come with telescoping poles that require no tools to assemble.

For your advertising to be effective, you need to be able to assemble and disassemble the banners quickly so that you don’t waste valuable time setting up and tearing down, making them easy to take out of harsh weather conditions as needed so that the banners have a longer lifespan.


Many businesses spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on ad campaigns for TV, newspaper, internet, or radio that end up being much less effective than hoped. Fortunately, roadside banners and custom flags are very affordable compared to these types of advertising.

They’re a great way to advertise your business name and service, in addition to specials or promotions you’re running. The best part is, you’ll actually own your advertising method, so you can use this investment for years to come and not just during special sales or promotions.

Optimal Location

One problem many businesses face is lacking the horizontal space to use outdoor advertising effectively. Fortunately, outdoor advertising flags utilize vertical space, so horizontal space for advertising is no longer a necessity. You can effectively advertise in only a few feet of space.

This is extremely helpful in a crowded business park or shopping center. In fact, businesses that are difficult to locate in a crowded area can benefit from a feather flag to draw attention to their location.


Roadside advertising flags are also very portable due to their simple assembly attributes as well as how lightweight they are. Since roadside banners are easy to assemble, you can easily move them to another location depending on traffic patterns or other factors that would make another location more desirable for a time.

Numerous Views

Another reason to use outdoor advertising custom flags is that your flags will be seen by numerous people every day. You likely have a lot of the same people driving by your business during their daily commute. These same people are reading your banners, even if it’s subconsciously, day after day. This means that when they require your services, your business is likely to be the first one they think of because they’ve been exposed to your advertising day after day.

We take great pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.


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