5 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business

5 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business

5 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business

Having a strong online presence is extremely important for almost all businesses in this day and age. However, that doesn’t mean you should underestimate the boost of sales your business can receive by simply attracting more locals to your door. Although a lot of people shop online, still over 50% of sales happen at a brick and mortar store.

Online sales will definitely increase over time, but until they take up a huge percentage of sales, your business must capture as many in-person sales as possible.

We’ll discuss a few unique and easy ways to increase foot traffic and the amount of time customers will stay in your store.

Free Wi-Fi

Everyone is glued to their phones, no matter where they are. With unlimited data no longer being unlimited, having free wi-fi will allow your customers to browse the web, stream videos, and surf the web without using up their data. It will also solve issues with bad reception.

The next time you are out shopping, look around at the couples, you’ll notice one of them will usually be glued to their phone waiting for the other to finish shopping. Providing free wi-fi will extend the customer’s stay at your location because they will be distracted and in return won’t rush their significant other out of the store.

It is also a great idea to add a waiting area with some couches and USB chargers.   The longer a person stays in your store, the higher the chances that they will buy something.

Custom Signage

Signs are extremely important for all businesses and can be key to increase foot traffic. We recommend getting retractable banner stands and feather flags for your storefront. Roll-up banner stands will help you advertise your products and they can easily be used inside and outside your business.

Any new products, clearance sales, or item details can easily be displayed on the banner stands. These are highly recommended for anyone that wants to get their brand noticed.

Feather flags are also extremely important for outdoor advertising. A feather flag is a banner made from polyester material. It is lightweight and can easily be mounted at various locations around your lot. They are sometimes referred to as flag banners because they are essentially advertising banners but made from a flag material.

These signs are great because they take up very little space and allow you to advertise your product, sale, or anything else to anyone driving or walking past your location. Custom flags are recommended for optimal product impressions.

These signs together work to increase foot traffic to your door. The feather flags will help notify anyone outside your business of what you have to offer. So, they should be colorful with product images and discounts you offer.

Once the customers are in your store, the retractable banner stands at your door front and near your products will provide them with additional details on what you have to offer. Therefore, it is important to make sure both of these signs are designed to keep your client engaged.

Give Back

Not many business offer incentives for their customers to shop there. This can easily be done by offering a small percentage back as a gift card when someone spends a certain amount. For example, if someone spends $100 at your store, you can provide them with a $10 gift card for a future purchase. Set an expiration date for the cards so that they cannot be hoarded for years. Giving your client a gift card will give them an incentive to come back and spend more.

Gift Cards - Show your customers you care


I would say having music is crucial to every business. No one wants to walk into a store and hear silence or things moving around. Playing music will not only create a festive and lively environment but it will also boost the moods of your customers. This will result in keeping them in your store longer, which again will result in more chances of sales.

This Christmas, when you are at a mall shopping, listen to music and look around. You’ll notice how happy everyone is just because of the music and decorations.


Decorating your business is just as crucial as anything else. No one wants to see a blank store with close on racks. Add some drape flag banners, other signs on the walls, manikins, open items for your customer to try. Creating interaction and also displaying your product allows your customers to be involved and it also lets them see if they like your products.

Increase Foot Traffic Today!

These are just a few of the many ways to increase foot traffic to your business.  We’ll try to add-on to this article in the future to cover more methods.


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