Where to use an air dancer

Where to Use an Inflatable Tube Man Air Powered Dancer

Where to Use an Air Powered Dancer for Maximum Exposure

Air powered dancers come in a few different sizes, so it’s important to know where and when to use them. I’ll go over where to use our 20ft tube men. These sky dancers are very popular with car dealerships, outdoor events, and many other businesses.

What is an Inflatable Tube Man?

income tax tube man

Before I proceed, I’ll briefly go over what a tube man is since some of you may not know. The dancing component is a tube with a face, arms, and hair. The body of the puppet can be customized with your own graphics, text, and colors.

The sky puppets get attached to an air blower that then blows a vortex of air into the body of the dancer causing it to inflate and move around.  Due to the design of the inflatable tube man, it moves in various directions which grabs the attention of anyone that can see it.

Where to Use an Air Powered Dancer?

Now that you know what it is, let’s go over where to use one of these 20ft inflatable tube men. Since the puppet is 18ft tall on its own, we need at least 1HP motor to keep it up and moving. Because of this, the blower will be loud, making it difficult for anyone to have a conversation next to it. Due to the noise, using them at a distance from where you converse with customers is advised.

Roadside Sidewalk

Using the dancing man on a sidewalk near the road is a great location for most businesses, assuming your road is at least 50 or more feet away.  You can still hear the fan but it is not loud enough to prevent you from talking to someone.  Also, using the sky dancer on a sidewalk gets you maximum impressions because every walking or driving by will see your advertisement.

Parking Lot

Due to the noise of the blower, a parking lot becomes another great place to use an inflatable tube man. Be sure to cover your power extension cord to prevent people from tripping on it.

Typically, you would want to use it at a location that still can be seen from the road or freeway. Any location that you placed this tube man must take into account visibility. Since the puppet stands 20ft tall, it can be seen from a large distance away but buildings and cars can block its view.


0utdoor Events

Our stock and custom air powered dancers are very popular with many clients who attend outdoor events or trade-shows. Since you are not restricted with a roof and you are out in the open, the noise of the blower tends to not be an issue. Using one of these awesome sky dancers next to your booth or tent is guaranteed to get eyes looking towards your location. We highly recommend using our inflatable air powered dancers at outdoor concerts and shows. A professionally designed custom air powered dancer adds greatly to any setup.

The noise and height of these puppets do restrict you to a few optimal locations of use. Contact us if you have any questions: sales@featherflagnation.com

We take great pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.


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