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What are Vector Files?

Have you ever worked with us on a custom project? Do you have questions on what we specifically look for? Feather Flag Nation is equipped with a dedicated design team that is ready to help you. Our team can guide you from start to finish. We know our products are an investment, so getting started can be a little intimidating. Our team is here to make things go as smoothly as possible. Of course, they’re not robots, so the perfect experience is not guaranteed. Together, we can get your vision just right, you just have to trust the process.

Vector explanation:

When ordering or inquiring about a design request, our designers often ask for a high resolution photo or our favorite, the vector format of your art or logo. We ask for this because it truly saves our team a lot of time and provided the client with the best quality printing.  Of course, our designers understand not everyone works with computers 40 hours a week. So explaining what a vector really is  might help understand better.

To begin, if you had your art or logo created by a graphic designer, they should know what vector files are. In fact when purchasing your art they should provide you with different formats of the same file. Chances are our favorite formats are somewhere in there. Here you can send over what you can and our team will let you know if anything works. If by any chance you don’t have access to those files, then you can do one of two things: run your art on a free vector program online or let our design team recreate for you. Just note that it will most likely not be exact but it’s better than nothing! Our design team will be more than happy to help you in whatever you might need. Just reach out.

To further explain, vector art can usually be found in the document that the file was created. Vectors are mainly created by shapes, points and lines, often created by illustration software like Adobe programs or Corel Draw. This format ensures your art will have a clean print, editable at any given time and most importantly,  it’s able to scale infinitely without sacrificing quality or fidelity. These files can be often found as either .ai, .pdf, eps and .svg. If you don’t have the software to open any of these files, you can still send it over to our design team. Chances are we are able to open it and let you know if your file was saved correctly. 

photo vs vector
vector vs jpeg sample
Notice the vector art has red lines. That's how you can tell if the art is vectorized.


Once you find the file we prefer, you can send it a few ways. If you are submitting a design request through our website, you can upload the file there. If it is too big to upload, you can wait until a designer responds to your design request or you can send to SALES@FEATHERFLAGNATION.COM. That is our direct email so one of our designers will get in contact soon enough. They work through email as they receive them, so your patience’s are always welcomed! Another way to get your art work uploaded is to fully pay for your items and upload the art work on the billing details page. We also have a direct link towards the bottom of our website, UPLOAD FILES. There are many ways to get your vector art our way. 


If you are looking to set up your own art work in our templates. Check out our template page on our website. We have a good amount of templates available to you. If you have access to Adobe software, you should be able to download and open the files with no problem. These are the same files our designers use to format your flag to print.  So try not to alter the flag shape in any way.  That way you can see exactly what we are looking for. The flag it’s self is a clipping mask so you can place anything inside and you are left with a clean art work!  Once that is finished, you can send the file over to us as is. From there we can color changes as needed. We work with you until you are fully happy with the design!


A Few Ways to Order:

Need to order a custom item!  There are a few ways to order. 

-You may submit a design request through our website and wait for a designer can send over the a proof.  Then get sent a payment link.

-Purchase on our website and leave us a note with what you are looking for. We don’t print without your final approval, so don’t worry about getting about that.

-Email in to with what custom item you want to print. Emails are our main point of contact, so a designer will see your email. 

– Call us if all else fails.  Our design team is not only a group of excellent designers but they also know their Feather Flag Nation stuff. So call us and see how we can help.  I can almost guarantee they will want to send a follow up email after the call, so make sure you have that information ready. 

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