How To Set Up A Small Feather Flag Kit For Real Estate

How to Set Up a Small 6ft Real Estate Feather Flag - Everything You Need

You’re a real estate agent who just got your new feather flag kit and you’re ready to start setting up. Luckily for you, it is a very simple process that will take mere minutes. First of all, let’s see what’s included in your kit:

Scroll to the bottom of the page for an instructional video on how to set up your real estate flag!

1 Black Travel Bag

1 Set of Poles (3 Pieces in Total)

1 Small Ground Spike

1 Tie-Down Clip

1 6ft Feather Flag

Step 1: Choosing the Best Spot to Place Your Flag

The first step in setting up your real estate feather flag is deciding where you want to place it. Our feather flags stand about 8 feet tall all together and if you have a single-sided flag, you’re going to want to place the front of the flag in the direction you want people to see it from because the back will only be a reflection of what they front side says. The flag also stands using a ground spike so you’re going to want to find a grassy or soft dirt area to place it in.


Step 2: Placing the Small Ground Spike

How To Set Up Your New Feather Flag Kit

Now that you have decided where to place your flag, you’re ready to start putting it together. Unzip your Black Travel Bag and locate your Small Ground Spike. You’re going to remove the black plastic piece on the single-prong side of the spike and place the single pronged side about 6 inches into the ground.

Step 3: Connecting the 3 Piece Pole Kit

Next, you’re going to connect the 3 Piece Pole Set together starting with connecting the 2 wider poles together, with the wider side of the thinner piece to the thinner side of the medium piece. This is going to be the bottom and middle part of your pole set. Finally, you’re going to attach the remaining thinnest flexible pole to the top of the medium piece with the wider side of the piece connecting to the black plastic part of the middle piece.


Step 4: Attaching the Flag to the Pole Set


Now that your 3 Piece Pole Set is all together, we’re going to put on the Six Foot Single-Sided Flag. Go to the thinner side of your pole and you’re going to slide the bottom slit of the flag through the pole until all the way through. Finally, you’re going to untighten the Tie-On Clip at the bottom of your pole here circled in red and slide it just about enough so that the string hoop of the flag is tight and place the hoop within the Tie-On ClipInsert the loop into the clip by applying pressure to the bendable portion of the clip till open, and sliding the string loop of the flag within, and allow the clip to lock back in.

Step 5: Placing the Flag

Once your entire feather flag is together, you’re going to place it onto the wider prong of the Small Ground Spike, it should fit snugly together once fully inserted, and once you’ve done that, congratulations you have set up your new Feather Flag Kit!




Pretty simple right? Our flag kits here at Feather Flag Nation were made for quick and easy set-up and tear-down for the fast pace environment that many of our clients (like real estate agents!) are used to and you can purchase your own kit right here for an affordable price with the highest of quality. If you’re a real estate agent who travels, these feather flags are perfect for you!

 We take pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from Riverside, CA.

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