how to design a feather flag

How to Design Feather Flags – Beginners Guide for Adobe Illustrator

How to Design Feather Flags. Beginners Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator

Using new software is always troublesome. Figuring out the menus, hotkeys, and all the other features always overwhelm me. Luckily, Adobe Illustrator is very user-friendly when it comes to designing simple layouts. After viewing our video tutorial, you’ll know how to design feather flags within minutes. Yes, signs are that easy to design. You can skip the long wall of text and view the custom flag tutorial video below. If you love to read, then read on! The video will go much more in detail than this article, so I highly recommend watching it. This article will just cover some basics since it is fairly difficult to describe the whole process with text and a few different images.

Downloading the Feather Flag Template

Download a feather flag template from our website.

Grab the custom flag template that you are looking to purchase. The most popular size is our 15ft feather flag kit, which matches our stock feather flag banner sizes. The sleeves may not be included in all of the templates you see on our website. It is not an essential component and you can make the sleeve color selection on the item page.

Key Parts of Our Feather Flag Templates

There are three main components of our feather flag templates: bleed line, custom flag design space, and the sleeve color.

Feather Flag Template Overview

Template Bleed Lines

Many how-to design feather flags tutorials make it difficult to understand a template. A custom feather flag only has one crucial component of the bleed line. That is the red borderline on the inside of the template. Anything outside of this red bleed line will be clipped. So, it is important to keep any important graphics away from that line.

Flag Sleeve Color

This one is straight forward. You can set it to either black or white. Put your mouse on the sleeve, click on it, and then change the color to black or white from the swatches at the top right of illustrator.

Selecting Feather Flags Sleeve Color

Feather Flags Design Space

The design of real estate would be everything you see in orange. You can change the color of the flag by hoovering over the body and left-clicking on it. Once you do that, you can move your mouse back to the swatches and choose the color you like.

Adding Text to Your Custom Flag Design

You can start adding text by hitting the TEXT symbol at the toolbar menu to the left. If you click on the icon and hold down the left click button, different text options will pop up. You will mostly be working with the standard or the vertical tool type.

Adding text to your feather flags

In the image above, the left side used the standard TEXT tool to write the text and then it was rotated 90 degrees (right-click on the text rotate input 90 for the degrees hit enter). The right side uses the vertical tool type (which you can get by holding down right-click on the icon). Notice how both sides are within the bleed lines.

Picking Your Feather Flag Color

Once you have the text layout done, you can mess around with the flag and text colors to get a design that pops. Your goal should be to make the flag easily visible and readable from a distance. You can do this by minimizing the text on the flag, using bright colors, and adding shadow strokes. You can view the video for a more thorough description. Below is how I’ve tweaked the design to make the text pop from the flag banners background.

Finished custom feather flag design

Now that you know the basics of how to design feather flags, you can use the same techniques to create simple layouts for our other custom flags that we have to offer. Essentially, all signs use the same design process, so if you are looking to create designs without live images, multi-color backgrounds, or other fancy things, then you can easily design your own flag banners.

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