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How to Advertise Your Franchise with Custom Flags

When owning any franchise business, it is important to know what advertising tools are available to you.  After all advertising is always a smart idea when it comes to owning any business.  In fact there are many ways you can advertise for franchises. Our favorite advertising tools are flags.  Even with all the advertising options open to you, Feather Flag Nation believes flags should be one of the first things you think about when you are selecting your advertising tools.  Especially custom flags, since they can cater to any event, budget or sale. Learning what works for your business is all about trial and error. We also know you and your business are both unique and require that flexibility of customizing your flags. Big or small, your franchise business will thank you for investing in your advertising.

Custom Feather Flags

Feather flags are by far our most popular type of flags. Our most popular size is the 12ft flag for the 15ft kit. It is so popular in fact; we carry many pre-designed, already printed flags at that size as part of our stock items! As exciting as that sounds, not all businesses can do stock items, we know you might need something more specific. Especially when purchasing for a franchise businesses, where keeping a consistent color palettes or a specific fonts is very important.

franchise feather flags

After all, feather flags are a year round staple for every business. Our custom feather flags are great attention grabbers for anything you offer or any event you might have. Whatever it is, say it with a feather flag where you can literally flag down any customer. Fully customized flags are the way to go. Especially feather flags, since they come in a wide range of sizes. You can create something that will keep paying for itself over the coming years.  With a choice of bases, you can place your feather flag virtually anywhere you can. Get the most out of the high volume areas by showing them what you got to offer.  Or advertise the same sale in all your franchises with the same flags. We keep all files on hand, so reprinting is a breeze too. Visit us online at Feather Flag Nation for more franchise feather flags! 

Custom Standard Flags and more…

If our feather flag style is not to your liking, no problem there:  we carry other types of flags that are both part of our stock items and customizable items. Rest assured, there is something for your every franchise business. No need to stress about that. Feather Flag Nation carries variety for all customers big and small.  


In fact, another popular item is our custom standard flags. From our biggest 5×8 flag to our smallest 2×3 size, we can customize all from color to image. You go think of any extravagant design or go for just your logo. You’d be surprised how one flag can change your advertising results, especially with in a franchise. A fully customizable flag is a great investment for any business. Even if the flag is simply displaying your logo, a flag has the capability of increasing foot traffic which in return will increase sales.  For any custom flag we carry hardware for, so you don’t have to deal other companies. We know owning a business is a lot of work, we know. Letting custom flags advertise for you is one way to make your job a whole lot easier.

Advertising with our flags is always easy. Just design, purchase and set up; easy as one, two and three.  Feather Flag Nation knows you and your business are hard workers, so let our flags do the some of the talking for you. We have designers on standby waiting to take your call or answer your email!  We work with you until you are fully happy with your custom design. Why? Simply because we understand your business is as unique as you. Not to mention the design is free of charge so you don’t have to worry about a charge per letter or even colors like other companies do. We aim to simplify this process for you. In fact some of our designers are already getting some franchise flags made for the upcoming holiday rush hiring, so check out our website to see if your franchise is already up. Buy today by visiting our website and search for your franchise! Even if it’s not there, we are always open for new ideas and design requests! After all we do specialize in custom flags

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