Custom Advertising: How to Do It the Right Way

Custom Advertising: How to do it the right way!

Owning a business comes with its own struggles. Everyone knows that in order to own a successful business you need passion and drive.  Of course, that is not the only thing that is needed in order for a business to be successful.  Advertising to get your business recognized plays a big part in any business.  Good advertising is only part of owning a business. Some say good advertising can make the difference between success and not so much of a success. Advertising is important for any successful business. If you, yourself own a business, you know there are many, many different ways to get your business to pick up. Knowing what works for you or your business is just as important. Advertising can be a little over whelming at first glance; especially if your business is considered a new business. Everyone has to start somewhere so wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of outline to follow? Just to know where to start, nothing too complex, just something as a tipping point for business owners everywhere.  Lucky for you, Feather Flag Nation has the tips for you to follow!

Create a plan: Determine your needs and budget.

Looking into advertising is should be a fun quest. Especially for business owners, since the correct advertising can give you a huge advantage over other business. Advertising can be overwhelming at times.  With so many options being available and only so many you can actually do. We believe creating a plan should be the first thing you should do. Even if it’s a simple list, the point is to get started somewhere. Even if it’s your very first time or your 26th time looking into advertising, starting is always a daunting task.

budget for advertising

First thing first, when doing anything with advertising for a business, it is super important to identify what your specific needs are. At this point, you can assess what your business is in need for.  Does your business require more foot traffic, or do your sales go unnoticed? This is the time to address or identify your advertising problem areas or needs.  Here, you can start looking into different forms of advertising. See what’s new, what’s working for others or what’s not working. Even if you need to drive around and check out local business advertising, getting an idea of what would work for you is an important step. Doing a bit of research can do wonders for you and your business.

Once you look into different forms of advertising, you can now start looking into budgeting. Many consider this an important part of planning. Having a good idea of what you want to spend is very helpful. See what fits into your business budget.  Staying within budget is only as important as you make it. If you decide to go with flags as part of your advertising strategy, Feather Flag Nation offers custom products for all types of budgets. Specifically your flag needs, if that’s what you determined are perfect for your business advertising. We understand your business is as unique as you and sometimes require something custom. Feather Flag Nation offers you a wide range of custom products that will surely help you with your business advertising.  Here at Feather Flag Nation, we believe flags are a great addition to your advertising team!  Not only are they reliable but they are easy and a quick way to target an audience and remind them about your business. Flags are a great way to get people looking your way even if they are not looking for your store or product. 

Design and purchase: design process.

When looking for a company to work with, it is important to consider their lead time and what they have to offer.  Feather Flag Nation for instance offers a design department that is willing to help you through the entire process. Check out our website and see what you can find that interests you. We mainly sell custom flags but we also carry many other products that you might find interesting. We also carry stock items that might just work for you in a pinch.  We’re just saying we have a lot to offer you in your search for custom advertising products.

design process

Once all that is in place, and you’ve decided which company will work best with you. It is time to work on what you want to say! This is where all that prepping will come in handy. Since you already know what your business advertising is lacking, now you can place some ideas into a design. This of course is counting you decided you needed a fully custom flag from Feather Flag Nation, our art department is ready and on standby to give you a helping hand.  Here at Feather Flag Nation we can even help you with all elements in regards to the design. Think about your target audience and how they would want to be reached out to. It might help if you think of yourself as a one of your own customers and ask yourself what would get your attention as a customer. Don’t forget this might also be the most important step since a good message is a big part of a successful business advertisement. If you consider us for your advertising needs, know we can help you with just about everything from colors to images! We walk with you on every step of the way the design process. Our team can help you stay on track and develop something you can use time and time again. In fact an effective advertisement will not only bring new potential customers in but also keep them coming back to you.

The finer details

When considering flags as your main form of advertising, another thing to consider is where you can place your flags.  Considering all city regulations, flag placements are very important.  For instance, if your business is in a hidden location or there are many other stores around. Consider placing them along the side of the road. Call in your customers by displaying a masterpiece with your business name on it. Show them you have a sale they cannot miss. The point is to get noticed where ever you are. Take advantage of all visible locations like road sides, sidewalks or even the roof. Hang your custom standard flag; give your customer an opportunity to remember you. You just need a place where your flag can work for you! 

Get noticed

We understand there are different needs when it comes to your business advertisements. We know we carry lots of options and we like to offer different types of mounting hardware. We consider you might want to use your custom item where ever you might need it to go. For instance use the ground spike for soft surface areas like grass and dirt. If you need it to be an indoor advertisement, we offer a base option that you can purchase along with a weighted donut for a neater presentation. Maybe you want to take your beautiful standard flag with your logo and website to your boat on the lake. We just might have the hardware for you!  Our goal at Feather Flag Nation is to provide you with all the advertising materials you could ever need and that includes being able to place your flag virtually where ever you can! After all this is an investment in yourself and your business advertisement, why not ensure you reach the maximum amount of potential customers possible. We think the only way to achieve that is by offering versatility in your mounting options and products.

yard signs

Once you’ve done your research and you worked on a design while considering all you’ve learned. You can make your purchase! Of course, Feather Flag Nation knows that sometimes owning a business is a lot of trial and error.  So try one flag at a time and see how it goes. This will allow you to see if the plan worked out as it should. If it doesn’t, no worries, you could always try a different product. Learning what works for you takes time, after all.  In fact, we keep designs on file, so reordering the same design is a breeze! You can even make changes if you need too. Especially if staying on brand is an import feature within your business advertising. Finding what works for you is part of owning a business. It takes trial and error but once you find that perfect advertising product, your business will flourish! 

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