5 local marketing trends for 2021

5 Local Marketing Trends for 2021

Marketing can be hard to pin point, especially trends. The best way to find the current trend is to know your location and customers. What do you see them running for the most?  Marketing trends tend to be based on items or themes people are currently obsessed with. Or more focused on what customers want in the present day. It could be anything that can bring people to your business. Feather flag nation offers many stock and custom items to help you stay on top of the latest trend.  Trends are forever changing, so keeping up with them can be a struggle.  Here at Feather Flag Nation we cater to every business needs you might have. We carry many stock items that will help your business of any size in whatever you might need to market. Best of all we also have designers on hand to help create a fully customized flags for those specific trends. After all keeping up with marketing trends sometimes need that extra creative help!  Flags are great tools for any advertising in any occasion. In this instance, they are a great way to stay on top of local trends that heavily influence consumers.  Follow Feather Flag Nation for 5 local marketing trends for 2021.

Feather Flag Nation

Stock items

Marketing trends tend to change from time to time. Although many can be considered classics, many are forever changing with the times. No one said that staying with the in-crowd is easy. Sometimes the marketing budget can take a blow because of these changes. Here at Feather Flag Nation, we have something for everyone. Especially in our large selection of stock items! We carry plain color items that can help simply get people’s attention towards your store. While other items say advertise specifics any store might need, in example, sale or now open. We even carry some more specific items like tacos or even funnel cakes! Before looking into custom items, double check to see if we have something for you and the current trend. Never hurts to try.

stock items, tax feather flags

Say your business is close to a sports arena, where you often get sports loving customers!  Why not stock yourself with that teams flag? We carry a wide selection of stock standard flags with many different countries. This will allow you to hop on that sports trend and gain recognition for your business during those times. Not only do we carry different standard flags, we also carry different stock items like feather flags and tube men. These cater to the basic needs of a business, but they are still dependable as our custom items. The only difference is, those are already printed and ready to go, allowing us to sell them to you at a fair price! Budget friendly as ever!

Custom Feather Flags

If our stock items are not too specific to you and you have the budget for one, why not invest in a custom item from Feather Flag Nation. One of our most popular items is a feather flag.  Custom feather flags come in many sizes, all with different price points. Feather flags have lots of space to work with. Meaning creating a design for you should not be a problem. Custom feather flags can be in any color, and printed with any image you could want. Say you want to appeal to the latest crows of shoppers. Say you got what they want but getting people to notice you isn’t the easiest task. Our feather flags come with a selection of bases. Meaning you can market yourself just about anywhere: on the sidewalk with our weighted base or even road side with our ground spike. 

Feather flag mock ups

Custom Tube Men

If feather flags aren’t doing the trick, it might be time to hit them with a tube man!  A tube man or as many call them air dancers, are giant inflatable balloon like dancers that are experts at marketing to every crowd. Although we have in stock tube men, we know not every business has the same needs. Our custom tube men might have a limited space for text, but designing a tube man is just as fun!  In fact we often have customers look into getting tube men to resemble their boss. Tube men are a fun and whimsy way to get customer to remember you and your business.

Tube men

Note: Tube men are electrical and would require to be plugged in.  They also require a little more care than our other products but if we are honest, the joy it gives potential customers might just be worth it. 

 Many use our tube men as a special event advertising tools, while others prefer to use them year round. Unfortunately we cannot change the actual shape of the tube men themselves, but we can print virtually anything on them. Custom tube men can come in 18ft, 10ft and 6ft. Most customers love to keep it simple. While others requests sunsets or more. Customizing to your needs is not a problem for us here at Feather Flag Nation. Look into tube men if you have the space, it will be a great investment for you and your business marketing.

Custom Yard Signs and Garden Flags

Keeping up with the latest marketing trends doesn’t always have to be something huge. Sometimes gentle reminders work just as well. Take custom yard signs. We consider them another great way to get your small business on top of the latest marketing trends!  They might be small but they sure are mighty. Exposure is everything, so why not get in those small grassy areas to do the job.  Why not take it home or leave one behind once a job is completed. There is no shame on self-promotion, especially when it benefits your business marketing. These won’t break the bank and you still get the benefits of a custom item. They might be small but they sure can pack a lot of information.

yard signs

A garden flag will also do the same for your business! Garden flags are a little more decorative and a bit smaller than your typical yard sign. However, it still packs the same punch as a yard sign. These can decorate the borders of your yard at any given time or even the small green patches in front of your business. Take this sample below, a garden flag displayed with a loved pets photos. Goes to show you how detailed one can get with this hot trend.  Leave your mark for all to recognize your products or your overall business. Both of these are sold with the wiring or hardware if you will, so you don’t have to worry about that.  Feather Flag Nation has your back. 

garden flag example valentine gift

Step and Repeats

Step and repeats are typically used for special occasions but who’s to say your business is not a special location.  Much like trends, the use for one of these is not typical. That does not stop them from being party favorites in any occasion! Step and repeats are great for events where guest can take photos in front of and post on social media. That’s great exposure for any business. Although these are often used at bigger events like red carpets, your business would benefit greatly from it too.  So take advantage of step and repeats in any form you can. Having your logo on repeat would be great for exposure at any event. Plus you know it’s hard to resist a photo opportunity at any events. 

step and repeats

Feather Flag Nation is your place to get your advertising needs. We carry a wide range of items and even their corresponding hardware. Our prices are fair and our quality is great too!  Check out our items online, where everything is a click away.  Investing in your business marketing is always a good idea!  Our top 5 local marketing trends might be product based but they can all help you keep up with those trends. Even if you are not ready to purchase a fully customizable item, you already know we have a variety of stock items ready and waiting to be purchased. So take the time to think about what your business is missing.  Then comeback to Feather flag Nation where I am sure we can help you stay in touch with the current trends of 2021.   We can even take creative control is you need us too. At the end of the day, our flags are here to serve you.  Order your custom flags today!

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