How to Install Your 3x5 Flag

Aluminum Flag Pole Bracket Mount With 2 Setting Positions, How to Install and Alternatives

Have you felt like your house is missing something? Maybe the front of your house looks empty or you simply want to make it more festive. Something as simple as an American flag installed on the front of your house can add a lot to the outdoor decor. If you’re looking to spruce up the outside of your home, I recommend purchasing one of our in-stock 3×5 flags, flag polesand a wall mount. Installation is easy and the addition can make your house feel more like a home!

About Our Bracket Mounts for Flag Poles

Our bracket mounts are made from aluminum and have a white, black, or grey finish. They are made to fit poles that are 1″ in diameter but can also work for poles that are as small as .85″ in diameter. When measuring the diameter length, including the wall thickness and also the hollow part of your pole (refer to image below).

3x5 Aluminum Flagpole Bracket MountThe mounts by default will come with 3 3cm screws and also plastic wall plugs. This helps make installation easier at various locations. The plugs will allow you to mount your base on nearly any surface, although wood is preferred.

When purchasing a custom 3×5 flag, you will have an option to add the wall mount and poles. The flag pole kits will need to be assembled separately and then put inside the wall mount. The white screw helps secure the flag pole to the mount. Be careful not to over tighten the white screw.

How to Install a Flag Pole Mount

Installation is simple, but does require the right tools. We recommend using a drill to help make the process faster. Using a screw driver can be difficult and hammering will not work. 

Step 1:

Be sure you have the items below:

  • Bracket Pole Mount.
  • 3 Screws (these instructions are for a wooden surface so we will not be using the plastic wall plugs).
  • Drill with appropriately sized bit.
  • Pen or market to mark screw locations.

Before assembly, be sure to put together your flag pole and double-check that it fits the mount.

Step 2:

Pick the location you want to use. We recommend a 45 degree angle when displaying your poles, but the 180 degree angle works as well. You can hold the mount and poles against the wall prior to installation to see which way you like best. If you’re happy with how it looks, it’s time for Step 3!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure your flag pole has enough clearance to be easily removed from the mount. 

Bracket Placement Location

In the above photo, the ideal place to hang this flag would be on the wall to the right. This is out of the way of any foot traffic coming to the door. While the wall to the side of the door would also work, since it’s so close, it may cause issues when installed. We do not recommend mounting into house siding. 

Step 3: 

Put your bracket against the wall where you will be installing. Use a marker or pen to mark the holes where the screws will need to be placed. We recommend drawing an outline of the circle where the screws go.

Step 4:

Using your drill and one of your screws, drill a very small hole at the center of the circles. Only the tip of the screw should go into the wall. Do this for all the circles you marked.

Step 5:

Grab your drill, mount, and screws. Place the mount over the marks on the wall and drill the screws into the respected holes. Only drill about half way through. Take a step back and ensure it looks straight and doesn’t need adjusted. If it’s aligned correctly, drill the screws the remaining way into the wall. 

Step 6:

Place the flag on the pole and slide the pole into the bracket.

Step 7:

Take a step back and look at your new addition to your house!


Alternative Options to Bracket Flag Pole Mounts

If you’re looking for a non-permanent install or want to use a different style of flag, we have options for you! We have a variety of flag pole kits for feather and rectangle flags. These are commonly used with our ground spikes that allow you to easily install them into grass or dirt. We have a variety of in-stock feather flags to choose from that are great for businesses, events, homes, and more. They can also help make your location more attractive and help with visibility issues. But, if you just want to make an addition to your home, I suggest getting a custom or in-stock 3×5!

At Feather Flag Nation, we offer completely customizable flags. These flags can have whatever color, text, images, logos, etc that you need. You can submit a free design request here to get started with one of our talented designers. Or, you can send us your own design using our templates.

We take great pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.

How to Install a 3x5 Flag Pole


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